Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students is Awarded as The 1st National Winner of The 11th Management Exposed Business Plan Competition in FEB UI

dedy sijabatBachelor of Entrepreneurship student from the SBM ITB, Dedy Syahputra Sijabat, has been awarded as the First Winner of The 11th Management Exposed: National Business Plan Competition held by Management Student Society from the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Indonesia (UI) 2-3 November 2016. He is one of four ITB students to make the Top 10 finalist this year. Wawan Dhewanto, Director of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship, SBM ITB, really appreciate this achievement and encourage SBM ITB students to win business competition. Read more

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students Represent Indonesia in the Competition at PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge (GSC) 2017 in Hong Kong

1493388007276Four Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Students (Tri Buana Desy A, Isnah Karimah, Nisa Nurjanah dan Iden Dermawan ) as Waper Indonesia Team has been shortlisted for The Competition at Global Student Challenge (GSC) 2017 that held by Hongkong Polytechnic University. This team is advised by Adrian Ariatin, MBA as a business mentor. This competition involved Waper Indonesia and 19 another teams from countries around the world to join the Semi-Final and Final rounds of this competition in Hong Kong from 24 June to 30 June 2017. Read more

Indonesia is on Track to Stay Competitive in Global Economy

IMG_3640_Gita Wirjawan, former Trade Minister delivered a talk about the Microeconomics of Competitiveness in Indonesia as part of TK Low Series of Seminar at Jakarta campus (14/6/2017). He started the discussion by looking back to the history of this planet. The human population reached the first billion in 1800, the second billion in the early 1900s, and now our planet is inhabited by 7.5 billion people. Every incremental billion took shorter time, the world is going global.
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