MBA ITB has 3 regular programs (Young Professional, Entrepreneurship, Executive), and International MBA. 

Young Professional MBA is designed for new graduates or professionals in the first year who will start a career in managerial. Your YP Program Not only learn business concepts, you will also get practical content, such as internships and business clinics. In YP you will also be given the opportunity to develop a professional network and sharpen leadership and decision making skills.

Entrepreneurship program is designed to encourage new and existing businesses, in addition to a world-class curriculum, this program also provides support systems such as entrepreneur clubs, incubation programs, business mentors, venture capital, and business networks. Combined with ITB’s strengths in the arts, design, science and technology, this program has a network to increase added value and innovation in your business. In addition, this program is fully supported by the Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE) at Goldsmiths, University of London (GUL), a leading university in the field of creative and cultural entrepreneurship.

Executive Program is designed for professionals with at least 1 year work experience for weekdays class, and at least 3 year work experience for weekend class, this program is suitable for those pursuing middle / upper management positions. The program also applies case-based learning as a platform to develop leadership skills, knowledge, abilities and views to embrace and carry out greater responsibilities. The program aims to enhance decision-making abilities and to develop a holistic view of projects / business problems that incorporate the complexities of the current business environment.

The double degree MBA program is designed for MBA program students of any concentration, who wish to pursue a Master of Science (MSc) degree or dual degree of MBA. This program is in collaboration with highly respected universities likes University of Glasglow, Univeristy of Hull, University of Queensland, Boston University, Fordham University, and Univeristy Sains Malaysia. 

For the Young Professional and Entrepreneurship Program the tuition fees is 85 million rupiah or 25 million/semester.

For the Executive Program the tuition fees is around 135 million rupiah or around 33,750 million per semester.

MBA ITB not provides scholarships for MBA program, but you can apply for scholarship programs from outside such as LPDP scholarships or other scholarships.

Class schedule is divided into two:

Weekdays Class (minimum 1 year work experience) Monday – Thursday at 18:30 to 21:45 WIB

Weekend Class (minimum 3 years work experience) Saturday-Sunday (08.00 – 17.00 WIB)  *Every two weeks 

Graduating on time is very dependent on the motivation and desire of the student to finish lectures well and produce publication output. However, the study program can guarantee is to provide a learning process that supports students to graduate on time. For example, through the existence of supporting academic regulations, writing and research method workshops, study skills, mentors who are experts in their fields, and very comprehensive research lab facilities.

On Campus: Having work experience of at least 1 year, the learning process is conducted at SBM ITB with a duration of 24-36 months and registration is done at

Online: Having work experience of at least 1 year, the learning process can be done anywhere with a duration of 36-60 months and registration is done at USM GSB.

Due to more credits required on the program, ASEAN MBA program is longer with other programs.

If you are interested in taking a Double Degree program you are required to take any concentration in MBA program. The first year you will take part in MBA program and the following year you will go to the selected university.

Please follow this link for more information about Double Degree Requirements