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15th Anniversary of SBM ITB

LOGO 15th SBMIn December 2018, SBM ITB celebrated the 15th anniversary of the 2003 founding of School of Business and Management in Institut Teknologi Bandung. To mark this milestone, SBM ITB held a full day celebration in January 09, 2019, beginning with a inaugural meeting in SBM Auditorium. The anniversary celebration also included the inauguration of the new SBM ITB dean’s office. Read more

PRME Corner December Update: Toward Green Economy “New mainstream of young entrepreneurs”

GEAn afternoon in 2016, among many urban cuttles two weeks before eid adha, a young man approached and greeted me.
“Ibu Melia, I’m Alif, I am one of your students in Bio-Ind management and entrepreneurship.”
I welcomed the young man with warm greetings and positions. Maybe because so many students and also ages factors, I’m easy unremembered people?… “Ah, I feel like I’m getting older,” I thought to myself. Read more

Cross-Cultural Learning Continues

20181129_120003Another semester, another trip to engage in cross-cultural learning.
This semester (Semester 1, 2018/2019), we organized another round of international trips for Cross-Cultural and Conflict Management. Our destinations were Germany (Reutlingen), Australia (Sydney), India (Mumbai), and Switzerland (Zurich and Olten), with MBA and International Business students being the participants. The goal of the trip is to facilitate further cross-cultural learning. Read more