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Womanpreneurs Ambiance of the New Pangandaran

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-16 at 4.59.29 PMIt has been 12 years since the great tsunami devastated Pangandaran, one of the used-to-be popular coastal tourism destinations in Indonesia. Today, the socioeconomic environment in the area is slowing down based on what KK DMSN experienced last week. Talking about sustainable tourism, weekdays in Pangandaran mean empty streets and slow business, while on weekends is correlated with enormous profits to cover weekdays spending. From the actor perspective, woman are majority of seller in the area: from street vendor to kiosk, restaurant, SMEs, etc. Thus, KK DMSN held a forum group discussion to search for nutritious ideas on how womanpreneurship correlated with sustainable tourism. The head of tourism and cultural office, the head of tourism destination management, womenpreneurs of restaurants, souvenirs, accommodations, and travels came together to explore the obstacles faced in the new Pangandaran tourism. Read more

‘Self-Made’, IMK ARTHA Community Service

IMK ARTHACommunity Service team from Ikatan Mahasiswa Kewirausahaan (IMK) Artha conducted a social event on February 3rd, 2018 in Rumah Yatim, Sukajadi. The target of this event was children age between 5 to 15 years’ old who live in Rumah Yatim. There were 8 boys and 9 girls who joined the event. And 10 Bachelor of Entrepreneurship students involved as committee. Read more

The Business and Management Studies of ITB Reach The Highest Score of QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018 in Indonesia

Untitled design (7)In the first quarter of 2018, ITB received the 201-250 universities ranking position from most trusted rankings platform in the world for the Business and Management studies subject. This is the highest score among universities in Indonesia. The QS World University Rankings by Subject ranks the world’s top universities in individual subject areas, covering 48 subjects as of 2018. The rankings aim to help prospective students identify the world’s leading schools in their chosen field, with the list of subjects extended each year in response to high demand for subject-level comparisons. Read more