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Apr 9

Smart City: Its Concept and Business Opportunities

DSC_0132Nowadays, internet of things (IoT) era has transformed most of the human activity aspects. The better internet connectivity makes smartphone penetration is sky-rocketing. The huge number of smartphone users provide good opportunities for internet based business. For instance, the most impactful phenomena of the rising of the internet of things era especially in Indonesia is the emergence of online public transportation i.e gojek. By using our smartphone and thanks to internet connectivity provider we can go anywhere and get anything we want efficiently. So, phone + internet = (smart)phone and city + internet = (smart)city? Read more

Apr 4

The Cross-Cultural and Conflict Management

DSC_0543Cross-Cultural Friendship was built again during a visit by the delegation of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) on April 2-3, 2018. This was part of reciprocal collaboration between SBM ITB and FHNW and the second time and year it happened. Similar to last year, this was started with a couple of final-year undergraduate students of SBM ITB (Aldilla, Kintan, Qinthara) flew to Switzerland in February to participate in the Intercultural Business Seminar week organized by FHNW. Read more

Apr 2

University of Hull Visited SBM ITB to Expand the Cooperation

DSC_0053On March 22, 2018, SBM ITB was visited by the Faculty of Business, Law and Politics, University of Hull (UoH), UK to expand the cooperation between the two institutions, especially for the Double Degree for Bachelor of Management in International Business program. UoH was represented by Dr. Lynne Barrow as Dean Associate (International) and Dr. Amal Ahmad Khair, Lecturer in Accounting and Finance. SBM representatives were Director of IRO (International Relation Office), Director of MBA Study Program, Director of Research and Knowledge and Director of MSM Study Program. Read more