Encourage SMEs go international, Birmingham City Business School collaborate with SBM ITB

Birmingham City Business School, UK and ITB have been working together since 2015 on an exciting research project which investigates Growth for SMEs and then looks at how we can translate this into interventions to help the SMEs to grow. The Principal Researcher from Birmingham City Business School CEIG is Prof. Mark Gilman, along with research fellow Mr. Aineias Gkikas. The principal researcher from CK4BC-SBM ITB is Hary Febriansyah, Ph.D. Both of CK4BC and CEIG are undertaking this research by special funding from British Academy-UK, Birmingham City Business School and SBM-ITB.

The purpose of this programme is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to seize business opportunities in the global economy. In particular, this study focuses on how universities can support SMEs through developing their entrepreneurial and strategic competencies helping in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem that will help the growth of the existing SMEs and the developing of new ones supporting in the economic and social welfare. SMEs and family businesses play a critical role in any economy. SMEs are particularly important for Indonesia’s economy because there are around 50 million SMEs across the country. While this may sound a large number, this is relative small when compared to other Asian economies such as China and India. Of utmost importance though is the growth and development of these firms so that they experience strong performance that in turn translates into strong benefit to the economy and social fabric that they operate.

Currently, the researchers have already collected total number of almost 600 respondents from various regional economies in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Jogjakarta, Malang dan Solo). Moreover, from this research has been made three MBA-ITB graduations in 2018, and will boost other Master and Bachelor graduations in 2020.

In the early of 2020, we will publish a joint book chapter; entitled ‘The Entrepreneurial Role of Indonesian Universities in the Economic Development of Rural Communities: In Search of Empowerment’ (Hary Febriansyah, C. W. Watson and Aineias Gkikas), published by Edward Elgar Publishing, United Kingdom.

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