Written by Student Reporter, Elisabeth Sirumapea (Management 2020)

SBM ITB Management Student Family (KMM) held a blood donor activity with the theme “A drop of your blood could save one life”. This activity is a collaborative community service event by KMM and SBM ITB Student Affairs Office with PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) which was held on Monday, 17 February 2020 at 13.00-17.00 at Labtek XIX ITB, Freeport Building 3rd Floor, Room 2303, School SBM ITB business, Jalan Ganesha no 10, Bandung.

“This activity is one of the KMM community service programs,” said Bagus Unggu Pranoto who is the head of the KMM  Pengabdian Masyarakat (Community Care) Division of ITB as well as the chief executive of the Blood Donor activity. “In addition, this has also become one of the goals to meet the needs of Indonesian blood by cooperating with the PMI Bandung branch in Jalan Aceh,” he added.

The conditions for people who can donate blood consist of:

  1. Healthy on the day of blood donor activities
  2. Bring identification (KTP / SIM / KTA / Passport)
  3. Age> 17 years
  4. Weight> 47 kg for blood donation of 350 ml
  5. Body weight> 55 Kg for 450 ml of blood donation
  6. For women not menstruating/pregnant and breastfeeding
  7. It’s better to have breakfast or eat beforehand
  8. Sleep the night before enough donations, at least 5 hours
  9. Do not have a history of the disease
  • Heart
  • Cancer / Tumor
  • Ayan / Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Malaria, Hepatitis, Syphilis, HIV / AIDS

Can provide the results before donating blood

  1. Not an alcoholic and narcotics addict
  2. Do not take medication 3 days before blood donation containing aspirin and antibiotics

The benefits of blood donations, of course can help people, and also for ourselves.

When blood is withdrawn, the donor’s body immediately begins to replenish the lost blood. New cells are produced by marrow within 48 hours of donation, and all of the red blood cells the donor loses during donation are completely replaced within one to two months. Therefore, donating blood helps to stimulate the production of new blood cells. This process of replenishment can help your body stay healthy and work more efficiently.

This activity is collaborate with PMI Bandung who provided all medical teams needed. One of the medical teams, dr. Yani Nuraini said, “Actually, if we donate blood, we will feel good, soreness is gone and sleep will be comfortable,” she added.

“This blood donor activity should be continued because this activity is positive for those who need blood,” she said smiling.

“There is no special message for students who donated blood but more to just to the community service activities. Find and participate as many community service activities as possible because in the midst of our busy times we have provided a platform to share in a unique way not just by giving money, so, in my opinion, use the best possible “, message from Bagus.

Hopefully, the blood that has been donated by donors in this activity can be used well and is useful for people in need.