Written by Student Reporter, Aldi Aldinar (Entrepreneurship 2020)

The advancement of technology and innovation is transforming the business concept and operational to be more effective and efficient. Following the disruption flow of business is important to be an adaptable business manager in the future. On Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 International Business Program class of 2021 were having a guest lecture from a Financial expert who is pointed as the Director of the retirement fund of Bank BJB, Mrs. Sofi Suryasnia. She opened a discussion about banking, fintech, and e-commerce. “As a business student, it is important for you to understand the current situation of the business trend like banking, fintech, and e-commerce will enrich your business knowledge because in the future it is predicted that banking will no more in building yet it will be in your phone.”, she said.

Mrs. Sofi Suryasnia explains the current situation of funding sources in Indonesia for small and medium enterprises. It can be from banking through a commercial loan. The bank loan is very selective in choosing the creditor. It has a lot of requirements that are needed to be fulfilled if we want to get a bank loan. In the past, bank loans have a high-interest rate. If you have a stable and good business, this scheme will have you to grow your business if you optimize it wisely.

Recently, the banking system is disrupted by financial technology. A specific term for digitalize financial service. It is including the peer to peer lending, digital payment, digital investment, and crowdfunding. Peer to peer lending is opening new opportunities of infused capital to unbankable people who need to build or expand their business. 

In this digital era, e-commerce becomes one of the most powerful digital transaction places where buyers and sellers can make a deal without physical meetings. We can choose and pay digitally as easy as clicking our phone in one tap. Understanding e-commerce will help you to define opportunities in managing a business or building a business.