Building your business abroad, why not?

Nowadays in the globalization era, building business abroad is a dream for most entrepreneurs. Do you know that SBM ITB have its alumni who succeeded to build her fashion business abroad and even developed in all around Europe? In episode 42, SBM ITB Talks will discuss the experiences of a first batch of SBM ITB alumni (2007), Bintang Dini Haryanto, Founder and Creative Director of BIEN, who is currently working on her business in the Netherlands with the BIEN brand.

BIEN is an urban-chique, fresh, fun and easy-to-wear design brand that is meant to attract confident individuals who are adventurous in expressing their personal style, established in Netherlands by Bintang Dini Haryanto. SBM ITB Talks will discuss how Bintang’s experience and success keys develop BIEN, that it continues to survive and developed in the Netherlands and even in Europe. Just for you, here’s some key points that we summarized from our discussion:

It was all started with a dream and a strong determination

Born in a small town with a batik-shop-owner-mom, Bintang grow with a big dream to introduce Indonesia’s culture to the world. This dream developed day by day until Bintang determined to move to Netherlands when she done her master degree, which gave her space to build a business and open a business there with all the knowledge she has.

We are in the same level with them

Bintang realized that many of Indonesian people are afraid to go global because we are insecure. It is a mindset on Indonesia that we are a long way behind the foreigner. This mindset is what made us stuck on the same page and afraid of going forward. Bintang said, a tips which will make us succeed is to be confident, that we are in the same level with them.

The hardship was all worth it

Many things will influence people’s shopping patterns, people in the Europe surely have the different taste, culture, and preference than it is Indonesia. As a foreigner who just started her business alone without knowing anyone who will help her at first, Bintang surely has gone black and blue to sustain her business. She has a determination to not come home to Indonesia with nothing. Through the ups and downs, looking at people responses and how her dream are coming true and impacted many people from her homeland, Bintang told us that it was all worth it.

Student Announcer: Tjia, Alphani Anugrah Putri (Entrepreneurship 2022)
Interviewee: Bintang Dini Haryanto (Founder and Creative Director BIEN, Bachelor of Management Alumni Class of 2007)
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