Achmad Ghazali holds a bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering, ITENAS, Master of Business and Administration, ITB, and Doctoral degree from Massey University, New Zealand. His dissertation is about knowledge construction in health support group online discussion. Using social constructivism as learning paradigm in measuring the process of knowledge construction and how it affects the quality of information in term of information quality and information integrity.

From 2005 until now, He becomes Faculty member of SBM, ITB (People and Knowledge Management Interest Group). Right now, he is a Director of QA and Accreditation at SBM ITB.


MB1102 - Experience Based Management Learning
MB1102 - Performance Art
MB1203 - Psychology and Organizational Behavior
MB2002 - Business Communication & Negotiation
MB2003 - Logic and Critical Thinking
MB2202 - Human Capital Management
MB4017 - Contemporary Human Resource Management
MB5008 - Fundamentals of People Management
MB6014 - Leadership Theory
MB6018 - People Analytics
MB60M6 - Fundamentals of People & Knowledge Management
MB9091 - Progress Seminar I
MM5002 - Accounting
MM5003 - Organizational Behaviour and Managing People
MM5005 - People in Organization
MM5013 - Knowledge Management
MM5016 - Knowledge Management for Innovation
MM5027 - Knowledge Management for Innovation
MM6011 - Human Capital
MM6015 - Business Leadership