Akbar Adhiutama received his Ph.D in Management of Technology at Shibaura Institute of Technology in Japan. He holds both his master of engineering in Electrical Engineering and M.B.A in School of Business Management from Institut Teknologi Bandung. He earned his bachelor of engineering in Architecture Engineering at Trisakti University. He teaches operations management courses in undergraduate and MBA programs in School of Business and Management ITB. His research interests are in operations management, supply chain management and management of technology.


KU1071 - Introduction to Information Technology - A
KU1101 - Design Engineering I
KU1102 - Introduction to Computing
KU1201 - Design Engineering II
KU1202 - Introduction to Engineering and Design
MB1203 - Leadership and Management Practice
MB2201 - Technology and Operation Management
MB4023 - Supply Chain Management
MB5004 - Fundamentals of Operations Management
MK2101 - Production System and Technology
MK2204 - Production System and Technology
MK3011 - Technology Based Business
MK3021 - Technology Commercialization
MK4099 - Final Project
MK4099 - Thesis
MM5002 - Operations and Supply Chain Management
MM5004 - Operations Management
MM6041 - Supply Chain Design