Andika Putra Pratama received the Fulbright Presidential Doctoral Scholarship to study in the USA in 2009 and received his PhD in Management from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, in the USA in October 2015. His research areas focus on reflecting upon managerial diversity using both positivistic and interpretivistic approaches. Upon his return to Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in 2015, he served as the International Relations Director of the School of Business and Management ITB from September 2015 to January 2018. Since June 2020, he has been appointed as the Head of International Relations of ITB (under the Bureau of Partnerships), where he dealt with around 50-60 international institutions per month. In his social science research, he has used experiment, survey, in-depth interview, observation, and conversation analysis. He received the ITB's Bachelor of Science in Astronomy in 2007 and Master of Science in Management in 2009. He had also attended short courses in Utrecht University (2006, in Astrophysics; 2007, in Evolution of Language) and the University of Finland (2008, in Developing Intercultural Competence). He was a visiting lecturer at the ESB Business School (Reutlingen University) in Germany for 3 months in 2018 and has been regularly invited as a Guest Lecturer in Cross-Cultural Management in the Swiss-Asian MBA Program of FHNW (Switzerland) since 2021. In March 2023, he was one of the 9 ITB faculty members who received an Award from ITB for their achievement and contribution to the development of ITB (in the Teaching Category).


MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB1102 - Experience Based Management Learning
MB1102 - Performance Art
MB1203 - Leadership and Management Practice
MB2002 - Psychology and Organizational Behavior
MB2102 - Business Communication
MB2104 - Business Ethics and Law
MB2106 - International Business Law & Ethics
MB3102 - Business Research Method
MB3233 - Cross Culture and Conflict Management
MB4018 - Compensation Management and Employee Performance
MB4025 - Intercultural Communication and Conflict Management
MB5102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB5103 - Qualitative Research Methodology
MB6011 - Social Science in Management
MB6015 - Conflict and Change Management
MB6019 - Special Topics in Management
MB7102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MM5001 - Business Ethics, Law and Sustainability
MM5008 - Business Ethics, Law and Sustainability
MM6014 - Cross Cultural and Conflict Management
MM6029 - Intercultural Communication and Conflict Management