There is no bad employee, there's only an unsuitable one. Aria always believes in this concept when he is working in the Human Capital department. Aria is Creative, communicative, result driven, and team player person with enthusiasm to face today's business challenges.

Aria received his bachelor of management from school of business and management ITB and master of human resource management from the University of South Australia. Prior to getting his master degree, he's been working as human resources director in a construction company for 3 years which give him experience in employee assessment, career path design, recruitment and selection, leading a team and many more.

Aria Research interest is in Human Capital Management area including but not limited to Performance Management, multicultural workplace, community development, and Perception Management. His most recent research work will be related to gamification and serious gaming in Human Capital Management.


MB1102 - Experience Based Management Learning
MB1203 - Psychology and Organizational Behavior
MB1212 - Study of Human Society
MB2002 - Business Communication & Negotiation
MB2002 - Psychology and Organizational Behavior
MB2102 - Business Communication
MB2105 - Integrated Business Experience I
MB2202 - Human Capital Management
MB2204 - Integrated Business Experience II
MB3002 - Community Project
MB3233 - Cross Culture and Conflict Management
MM5005 - People in Organization