Aurik Gustomo is Professor of People Development. Completed the Doctoral Program in Business Management at IPB University (2012), earned a Masters in Industrial Engineering & Management, Bandung Institute of Technology (1999), and graduated from the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering program, Bandung Institute of Technology (1996). He became a lecturer at the ITB Industrial Engineering Department in 1996 and joined the ITB business school in 2003. He served as Vice Dean for Resources in 2013 – 2020 and Vice Dean for Academic Affairs in 2020 – 2022.


MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB1102 - Performance Art
MB2202 - Human Capital Management
MB3233 - Cross Culture and Conflict Management
MB4017 - Digital Human Capital Management
MB4018 - Compensation Management and Employee Performance
MB5008 - Fundamentals of People Management
MB50M8 - Fundamental of People
MB5202 - Management Research Design
MB6012 - Competence Based People Management
MB6015 - Conflict and Change Management
MB6016 - Human Capital Management in Digital Era
MB60M6 - Fundamentals of People & Knowledge Management
MB7201 - Research Proposal
MB8006 - Advanced Research in People and Knowledge Management
MK2105 - Human Capital and Organization for Technopreneurship
MK2204 - Human Resources and Organization
MM5003 - Organizational Behaviour and Managing People
MM5005 - People in Organization
MM6011 - Human Capital
MM6012 - Compensation and Managing Employee Performance
MM6024 - Managing Employee Performance: Engagement and Remuneration
MM6026 - Business Leadership