Deddy Priatmodjo Koesrindartoto

Deddy Priatmodjo Koesrindartoto


Deddy Koesrindartoto is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung. (SBM ITB). He is an Economist by training, received a Ph.D. in Economics with a minor in Statistics, and an MSc. in Industrial Engineering, all from Iowa State University. He also earned a first degree in Electrical Engineering from ITB, Bandung.

He was the former Director of Graduate Programs of Management Science in SBM ITB, oversees both Master and PhD Programs. Before that assignment, He served as Director of Institutional Development and Planning at SBM ITB. Currently Deddy is the Head of Capital Market and Investment Laboratory and the Head of Kresna – SBM ITB Financial Trading Center, School of Business and Management ITB.

Prior to joining SBM ITB in 2005, Deddy was a Research Fellow at the Center for Computational Finance and Economics Agents (CCFEA) at the University of Essex, UK. He spent three years working for energy services industries before pursuing graduate studies.

Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Capital Markets, Statistics for Business, Complex Adaptive Systems, Microeconomics, and Macroeconomics are among Deddy’s present and past teaching assignments. He consulted for World Bank, Ministry of Finance, BAPPENAS, Islamic Development Bank, Indonesia Antitrust and Competition Agency (KPPU), Australian Indonesia Partnertship for Economic Governance (AIPEG) , Indonesia National Counceel for Climate Change (DNPI) , Boston Consulting Group , and some other private companies.

Financial Economics, Behavioral Finance, Computational Finance, Market Design, Agent-based Modeling, Applied Microeconomics, Banking Industry and Financial Stability, Electricity Markets, Market Microstructure, Big Data Analytics, Fintech.


MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB3101 - Economics
MB4042 - Capital Market
MB5003 - Fundamentals of Mathematical Finance
MB5011 - Investment Theory and Portfolio
MB50M6 - Fundamental of Finance
MB5104 - Modelling in Management
MB5106 - Advanced Economics
MB5202 - Management Research Design
MB5206 - Time Series Analysis
MB6063 - Computational Finance
MB6064 - Behavioral Finance
MB6096 - Internship
MB7102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB7104 - Preparation Examination
MB7201 - Research Proposal
MB9091 - Progress Seminar I
MB9092 - Progress Seminar II
MB9093 - Progress Seminar III
MM5006 - Business Economics
MM5007 - Financial Management
MM6023 - Capital Market Analysis