Desy Anisya Farmaciawaty is an academic staff at the School of Business and Management, Institute of Technology Bandung (SBM ITB). She hold a master degree from The University of Melbourne in Operation Research and Management Science and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Institute of Technology of Bandung. Before joined with SBM ITB, she was a planner at Ministry of National Development Planning for 10 years. Her research interests include operations management, supply chain management, logistics, and management science.


KU1071 - Introduction to Information Technology - A
KU1101 - Design Engineering I
KU1102 - Introduction to Computing
KU1201 - Design Engineering II
KU1202 - Introduction to Engineering and Design
MB2201 - Technology and Operation Management
MB4023 - Supply Chain Management
MK2101 - Production System and Technology
MK2205 - Business Computation and Analytics
MK3023 - Quality Control and Management