Graduated as an Industrial Engineer from ITB at 1989, Master by Research from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology-Australia with financial supporting from AusAid at 1999, and PhD from University of Bradford, England with financial supporting from Islamic Development Bank-Jeddah at 2003 and getting Professorship from ITB at 2012. His expertise includes corporate performance management, expert systems, quality management. He has already published several text books in various publisher such as Mengelola Kinerja Kementerian (ITB Publishing, Bandung, 2017), Gumam (ITB Publishing, Bandung, 2017), How to Create World Class Company, 2nd edition (ITB Publishing, Bandung, 2016), Mengelola Kinerja Kementerian dan Pemerintahan (BPFE Publishing, UGM, Jogjakarta, 2016), Active Learning with Case Methods (Andi Publishing, Jogjakarta, 2014), Knowledge Based Performance Measurement System (Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, 2014), Panduan Penyusunan Skripsi, Tesis dan Disertasi ( Andi Publishing, Jogjakarta, 2013), How to Create World Class Company: Panduan Bagi Manajer dan Direktur (Gramedia Publishing, Jakarta,2012), Manajemen Kinerja: Korporasi dan Organisasi: Panduan Penentuan Indikatorn(Erlangga Publishing, Jakarta, 2011), Manajemen Kinerja: Konsep, Desain dan Teknik Meningkatkan Daya saing Perusahaan (Erlangga Publishing, Jakarta,2006), Riset Bisnis: Panduan bagi Praktisi dan Akademisi (Gramedia Publishing, Jakarta,2003). He also published many research in international journal (more than 20 papers) and international conference proceeding (more than 25 papers). Despite publishing academic reference and papers, he also writing novels of characters building that until now he has 6 novels that one of them has been transferred into a film nationally.


MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB3133 - Performance Management
MB6015 - Performance Management
MB6021 - Performance Management
MB60M5 - Fundamentals of Management
MB7201 - Research Proposal
MB8005 - Advanced Corporate Performance Management
MB8021 - Performance Management
MM5004 - Operations Management
MM6041 - Corporate Performance Management
MM6042 - Corporate Performance Management