Hary Febriansyah, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business and Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM-ITB) under the Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia, since 2006. During this period, Hary has taken responsibility on (1) Teaching on Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Management Program; (2) Research projects on business-industry collaboration; and (3) Conducting training and consultancies services that benefit local communities.

Hary is the Director of Centre of Knowledge for Business Competitiveness in SBM-ITB (since 2016) and the Vice President for Program on Knowledge Management Society Indonesia (KMSI). He works with a number of stakeholders in coordinating talent management across these institutions and leads a combination of business practitioners and academicians plus sometimes government agencies on joint-researches, training development and business consultancies. His work focuses on Strategic Human Capital Management and Change Management within the context of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) across diverse regional and national economies including Indonesia, South East Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom.


KU1071 - Introduction to Information Technology - A
MB1102 - Experience Based Management Learning
MB1203 - Psychology and Organizational Behavior
MB1212 - Study of Human Society
MB2202 - Human Capital Management
MB3232 - Organizational Anthropology
MB4017 - Contemporary Human Resource Management
MB4018 - Compensation Management and Employee Performance
MB4051 - Organizational Development and Learning Organization
MB5008 - Fundamentals of People Management
MB6012 - Competence Based People Management
MB6015 - Conflict and Change Management
MB9091 - Progress Seminar I
MM5003 - Organizational Behaviour and Managing People
MM5005 - People in Organization
MM5027 - Knowledge Management for Innovation
MM6011 - Human Capital
MM6012 - Compensation and Managing Employee Performance
MM6013 - Leading and Managing Organizational Change
MM6015 - Business Leadership
MM6024 - Managing Employee Performance: Engagement and Remuneration
MM6025 - Contemporary Human Capital Management