I started my teaching career as a tutor in SBM ITB in 2004, before becoming a lecturer in 2006. I was trained as a scientist in my undergraduate degree in Biology and applied engineering frameworks to gain a masters' degree in Industrial Engineering. I ended up using sociology approaches for my PhD research in marketing management. My research interest is social media in marketing. I am also fascinated with the relationship between popular culture, marketing, and consumer storytelling.


MB1203 - Leadership and Management Practice
MB2102 - Marketing
MB2103 - Marketing
MB2105 - Integrated Business Experience I
MB2107 - Global Marketing
MB2204 - Integrated Business Experience II
MB2205 - Integrated Business Asia 2
MB3001 - Business Sustainability Management & Agile Organisation
MB3001 - Environmental Management System
MB4016 - Shopper Behavior
MB4057 - Service Marketing
MB4098 - Colloquium
MB4099 - Final Project
MB5007 - Fundamentals of Marketing Management
MB6033 - Service Marketing Strategies
MK2104 - Sales and Marketing
MM5001 - Marketing Management
MM5003 - Marketing Management
MM5012 - Business Strategy and Enterprise Modelling
MM6033 - Applied Marketing Research
MM6037 - Consumer Behavior
MM6038 - Branding and Marketing Communication
MM6039 - Applied Marketing Research