Lidia believes in bounded-rationality where information is always incomplete and any solution is always good. The statement contains a rich behavioral ingredient because how people behave toward information and decide the solution strongly related to it. That being stated, Lidia treats decision-making with simple rules to improve its quality. Methodologically, Lidia approach situation in pragmatic manner as problems are all unique. However, her academic background has trained her more on the quantitative side. She also loves building simulation using System Dynamics (SD), Agent-Based Model Simulation (ABMS), and Social Network Analysis (SNA) to study social phenomenons. Social media is a gigantic data source for her research, which is too good to be wasted. She is currently enrolled as a postgraduate research student (PGR) at the Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, United Kingdom. Let us wish her luck!


FP5010 - Professional Communication
MB1201 - Business Statistics
MB2101 - Decision Making
MB3102 - Business Research Method
MB5005 - Fundamentals of Business Statistics
MB50M3 - Introduction to Research Methods
MB50M4 - Decision Making
MB5207 - Advanced Statistics
MB6051 - Service Science
MB6052 - Creative Problem Solving
MB6054 - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation
MB60M7 - Introductions to Research Method & Decision Making
MK2105 - Multivariate Statistics (P)
MK3103 - Communication and Business Negotiation
MK4103 - Business Research Method
MM6061 - Modelling for Business