Meditya is an assistant professor at the School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung. He holds a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Netherlands, an M.Sc. in Logistics Engineering from Duisburg-Essen University, Germany, and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (S.T.) from Institut Teknologi Bandung. His career spans work with international companies, including General Motors Europe - Germany and Rotterdam School of Management - the Netherlands. In Indonesia, he has served as an executive and consultant for a diverse range of organizations, from private companies and state-owned enterprises (BUMN) to notable start-up unicorns and ministries. His primary research and teaching areas revolve around leveraging advanced information systems to enhance business decisions, with a particular emphasis on business analytics. His work has been featured in renowned publications like IEEE Access, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Cleaner Production, etc.


KU1102 - Introduction to Computing
MB1201 - Business Statistics
MB1202 - Business Statistics & Data Management
MB1203 - Leadership and Management Practice
MB2101 - Decision Making
MB3102 - Business Research Method
MB4011 - Business Intelligence and Analytics
MB4013 - Multivariate Statistics
MB50M0 - Business Analytics
MB5104 - Modelling in Management
MB5201 - Practice in Data Analytics
MB6007 - Science Based Policy
MB6009 - Advance Business Analytics
MB6052 - Creative Problem Solving
MB6054 - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation
MB7102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB8003 - Critical Systems Thinking
MB8007 - Advanced Topics in Management 1
MB8052 - Creative Problem Solving
MK2105 - Multivariate Statistics (P)
MK3102 - Business Intelligence and Analytic
MK4103 - Business Research Method
MM5007 - Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation
MM5009 - Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation
MM6047 - Modelling for Business
MM6050 - Business Analytics
MM6061 - Modelling for Business
MM6098 - Research Methodology for Business