Nurrani Kusumawati is a junior lecturer at SBM - ITB. She was undergraduate from Parahyangan Catholic University and continued her master degree at SBM - ITB in Marketing major. She has been teaching several courses : Marketing, Shopper behaviour, Brand Management, Strategic Management, International Business, Retail Management, Service Marketing, Integrated Business ASIA 1 and Integrated Business ASIA 2.

Her research interests are consumer behaviour and international business. She on progress in continuing her study on international marketing field. She conducted research in several fields such as service marketing, business ecosystem, mobile marketing, eye tracking movement, agriculture business.


MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB2004 - Introduction to International Business
MB2006 - Introduction to International Business
MB2102 - Marketing
MB2103 - Marketing
MB2105 - Integrated Business Asia 1
MB2107 - Global Marketing
MB2107 - Integrated Business Asia 1
MB2205 - Integrated Business Asia 2
MB3001 - Business Sustainability Management & Agile Organisation
MB3132 - Strategic Management
MB3231 - International Business
MB4016 - Shopper Behavior
MB4048 - Emotional Branding
MB4049 - Retail Management
MB4050 - Brand Management
MB4057 - Service Marketing
MK2104 - Sales and Marketing
MK3035 - Brand Development and Management
MK4101 - Business Growth Management