Received his bachelor of engineering degree on Electrical – Telecommunication major from TELKOM University (STT TELKOM), Bandung in 1998.

He earned Master of Engineering from Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, ITB in 2005. His master thesis investigated an application of Adaptive Learning Model of Hypergame on Competitive Signaling in business marketing interaction.

His Doctoral degree from Department of Value and Decision Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan in 2009 with dissertation on A Drama-theoretic Analysis of Dilemmas of Negotiation and its Application is financially supported by scholarship provided by MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (Monbukagakusho) – Japan.

His research interest includes soft computing for social simulation and systems science-based approach to decision making and negotiation. He has been served as reviewer in several international journals.


MB2002 - Business Communication & Negotiation
MB2004 - Decision Making
MB2101 - Decision Making
MB3003 - Decision Management and Negotiation
MB3102 - Business Research Method
MB4011 - Negotiation
MB4012 - Conflict Resolution
MB4012 - Strategic Conflict Analysis
MB4098 - Colloquium
MB4099 - Final Project
MB5102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB5104 - Modelling in Management
MB5207 - Advanced Statistics
MB6007 - Science Based Policy
MB6008 - Confrontation and Collaboration Analysis
MB6019 - Special Topics in Management
MB6051 - Service Science
MB6052 - Creative Problem Solving
MB6053 - System Modelling for Policy Development
MB6054 - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation
MB6055 - Conflict and Resolution Analysis
MB60M7 - Introductions to Research Method & Decision Making
MB7102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB7203 - Behavioral Science
MB8003 - Critical Systems Thinking
MB8007 - Advanced Topics in Management 1
MB8052 - Creative Problem Solving
MB8053 - System Modelling for Policy Development
MB8080 - Advanced Topic in Management
MK2105 - Multivariate Statistics (P)
MK3025 - Decision Making and Analysis
MK3031 - Creative Problem Solving
MK3103 - Communication and Business Negotiation
MK4103 - Business Research Method
MM5007 - Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation
MM5009 - Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation
MM5011 - Business Immersion
MM6061 - Modelling for Business
MM6098 - Research Methodology for Business
MM6099 - Final Project B