MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB1201 - Technology for Business Innovation
MB2003 - Environmental Management System
MB2105 - Integrated Business Experience I
MB2204 - Integrated Business Experience II
MB3001 - Environmental Management System
MB3004 - Entrepreneurial Leadership for Business Growth
MB4019 - Creativity and Innovation
MB4020 - Management of Technology
MB4070 - Bio-industry Management and Entrepreneurship
MK2102 - Business Economics
MK2103 - Innovation and Business Economics
MK2201 - Micro and Small Business
MK3001 - Business Planning and Feasibility (P)
MK3003 - Business Scale Up
MK3003 - Entrepreneurship Mentoring I (P)
MK3012 - Service Business
MK3013 - New Product Development
MK3019 - Creativity and Innovation
MK3201 - Start Up Business Practice 1
MK4003 - Business Development Practice (P)
MK4004 - Entrepreneurship Mentoring III (P)
MK4102 - Start Up Business Practice 2
MK4201 - Entrepreneurship Dynamics
MM5015 - Business Initiation
MM5017 - Business Growth Management