Rendra graduated Master of Management degree in 2002. Since 2003 has begun actively teaching and currently joint with SBM ITB in Entrepreneurship and Technology Management Interest Group. In addition to teaching activities, Rendra was also much involved in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development. Research focus are SMEs development, the industrial cluster, and community based Entrepreneurship.


KU3011 - Student Entrepreneurship E
MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB1201 - Technology for Business Innovation
MB1203 - Leadership and Management Practice
MB1212 - Study of Human Society
MB2101 - Integrated Business Experience 1
MB2203 - Integrated Business Experience 2
MB3001 - Environmental Management System
MB3004 - Entrepreneurial Leadership for Business Growth
MB3131 - Family Business
MB4019 - Creativity and Innovation
MB4020 - Management of Technology
MB4024 - New Product Development
MB4053 - Corporate Social Responsibility
MB4070 - Bio-industry Management and Entrepreneurship
MK2001 - Design Thinking for Innovation
MK2002 - Business Model and System Development (P)
MK2101 - Technology Assessment and Forecasting
MK2103 - Innovation and Business Economics
MK2201 - Micro and Small Business
MK3001 - Business Planning and Feasibility (P)
MK3001 - Prototyping in Practice (P)
MK3002 - Business Initiation Practice
MK3012 - Service Business
MK3013 - New Product Development
MK3016 - Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
MK3019 - Creativity and Innovation
MK3019 - Prototyping in Practice for Technopreneurship
MK3021 - Product Development
MK4001 - Start-up Business Practice (P)
MK4002 - Entrepreneurship Mentoring II (P)
MM5015 - Business Initiation
MM5017 - Business Growth Management
MM5100 - Venture Management
MM6063 - Business Plan in Property