Salfitrie is currently working towards her doctoral degree at School of Business and Management (SBM), Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). Her Master’s degree is in Business Administration from SBM ITB. She obtained her bachelor degree in Architectural Engineering from National Institute of Technology (ITENAS), Bandung. Her research interests lie in the field of creative industries, particularly the development of creative cities, and urban regeneration.


MB1101 - Introduction to Business
MB1102 - Performance Art
MB1201 - Technology for Business Innovation
MB2003 - Environmental Management System
MB2101 - Integrated Business Experience 1
MB2105 - Integrated Business Experience I
MB2203 - Integrated Business Experience 2
MB2204 - Integrated Business Experience II
MB3001 - Environmental Management System
MB3003 - Business Research Method
MB3004 - Entrepreneurial Leadership for Business Growth
MB3131 - Family Business
MB6044 - Corporate Entrepreneurship
MB6045 - Small Business Development
MB6046 - Family Business
MK3002 - Business Initiation Practice
MK3016 - Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship
MK3201 - Start Up Business Practice 1
MK4102 - Start Up Business Practice 2
MK4201 - Entrepreneurship Dynamics
MM5015 - Business Initiation
MM5017 - Business Growth Management
MM5018 - Design Thinking
MM5021 - Entrepreneurial Modelling
MM6052 - Small Business Management