Shima joined SBM-ITB in 2011 as par-time lecturer shortly after finishing her master degree, and become full-time lecturer in 2012.

Joining Decision Making and Strategic Negotiation expertise group, supporting her research interest on behavioral studies and decision making.

Her current research in collaboration with other faculty (in the same expertise and across expertise) are: commuter's behavior in the implementation of road pricing scheme, commuters behavior in multimodal transportation vs online transportation, value creation through negotiation, cultural intelligence in higher education, and student engagement and performance using game-based learning.


MB1102 - Performance Art
MB1201 - Business Statistics
MB1202 - Business Statistics & Data Management
MB2002 - Business Communication & Negotiation
MB2004 - Decision Making
MB2101 - Decision Making
MB2105 - Integrated Business Experience I
MB3003 - Business Research Method
MB3003 - Decision Management and Negotiation
MB3102 - Business Research Method
MB4011 - Negotiation
MB4012 - Conflict Resolution
MB4013 - Multivariate Statistics
MB4041 - Modelling and Simulation for Decision Analysis
MB5005 - Fundamentals of Business Statistics
MB5102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB5103 - Qualitative Research Methodology
MB5207 - Advanced Statistics
MB6051 - Service Science
MB6052 - Creative Problem Solving
MB6053 - System Modelling for Policy Development
MB6054 - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation
MB7203 - Behavioral Science
MK2105 - Multivariate Statistics (P)
MK2203 - Decision Making and Negotiation for Technopreneurship
MK3025 - Decision Making and Analysis
MK3031 - Creative Problem Solving
MK3103 - Communication and Business Negotiation
MK4103 - Busines Research Method for Entrepreneurs
MK4103 - Business Research Method