Santi Novani earned her Doctoral from the Department of Value and DecisionScience, Tokyo Institute of Technology. Her research interests include service science, game theory, decision-making, multivariate statistic, and negotiation. She has several international publications, including Journal Systems Research and Behavioral Sciences, Wiley & Son. She has also served as a member of the project, including research awards by DIKTI, JSPS, and LPPM ITB. Her research interests are value co-creation in service systems using modeling and simulation.


MB1201 - Business Statistics
MB2004 - Decision Making
MB2101 - Decision Making
MB2105 - Integrated Business Experience I
MB2204 - Integrated Business Experience II
MB3003 - Decision Management and Negotiation
MB3102 - Business Research Method
MB4013 - Multivariate Statistics
MB4041 - Modelling and Simulation for Decision Analysis
MB5102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB5103 - Qualitative Research Methodology
MB5201 - Practice in Data Analytics
MB5207 - Advanced Statistics
MB6051 - Service Science
MB6052 - Creative Problem Solving
MB6054 - Agent Based Modelling and Simulation
MB60M7 - Introductions to Research Method & Decision Making
MB7102 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB7102 - Theory and Model Development
MB7202 - Quantitative Research Methodology
MB8003 - Critical Systems Thinking
MB8008 - Advanced Topics in Management 2
MB8052 - Creative Problem Solving
MB8080 - Advanced Topic in Management
MB9091 - Progress Seminar I
MK2105 - Multivariate Statistics (P)
MK3025 - Decision Making and Analysis
MK3030 - Collaboration and Co-Creation for Entrepreneurship
MM5007 - Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation
MM5009 - Strategic Decision Making and Negotiation
MM6049 - Service Science
MM6098 - Research Methodology for Business