Taufik Faturohman is currently lecturer at the School of Business and Management Institute of Technology Bandung (SBM ITB). He received a PhD in Economics and Finance from Curtin Business School, Curtin University of Technology Western Australia. The title of his dissertations is “An Examination of the Growth of Islamic Banking in Indonesia from 2003-2010”. Taufik obtained his MBA from ITB, and graduated with honor (cum laude). He earned a Bachelor degree in Materials Engineering, also from ITB. Taufik’s research interests are Islamic banking, Islamic finance, corporate finance, business risk management and economics.


MB2104 - Economics
MB2108 - International Trade and Finance
MB2203 - Financial Management
MB2204 - International Trade and Finance
MB3101 - Economics
MB4015 - Corporate Finance
MB4045 - Investment Management
MB4046 - Islamic Banking
MB4047 - Business Risk and Venture Capital
MB4056 - Bank Management and Financial Services
MB5002 - Fundamentals of Financial Knowledge
MB6067 - Financial Risk Management
MK3101 - Business Risk Analysis
MK3103 - Business Risk Analysis for Technopreneurship
MM5005 - Economic and Business Landscape Analysis
MM5006 - Business Economics
MM5006 - Financial Management and Policy
MM5007 - Financial Management
MM6021 - Corporate Risk Management
MM6022 - Islamic Banking System
MM6033 - Corporate Risk Management
MM6034 - Islamic Financial and Banking System