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School Council Donated 50 Billion Rupiah for ITB

ITB-TP Rachmat A member of the School Advisory Council of SBM ITB, Teddy Rachmat decided to spend 50 billion rupiah ($ 3.9 million) to support the development of education and learning at Indonesia’s best university, ITB. The funding will be used to improve school’s infrastructures, boost research and innovation, and to establish an endowment fund. “We cannot just sit and do nothing. Let’s get involved to improve the quality of our education. This is our responsibility as the citizens who have been given many opportunities by Indonesia,” told TP Rachmat (14/10/2017). Read more

Leadership Night with Prof. Boediono: Leadership is to Maintain Harmony between Politics and Economy

DSC_0409_edit “Speaking about leadership in a nation, we can refer this as a collective leadership. In terms of managing the nation’s economic policy, leadership itself is to maintain the harmony between authorities (politics) and rational policies in economics. A nation that can synchronize these two factors can get the collective leadership in managing the stability of the economy,” said Prof. Boediono, the Vice President of Republic Indonesia, 2009 -2014 at SBM ITB Leadership Night (26/9/2017).
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SBM ITB Students Field Trip to Melbourne: Cross-Cultural is About People, Economics, Politics, Technology, and Business Decision

8 A group of 19 SBM ITB undergraduate students in International Business class conducted field trip to Melbourne, from 10 to 13 September 2017, as part of their Cross Culture and Conflict Management course. Accompanied by their lecturer, Yudo Anggoro, this field trip aims to learn the culture of Melbourne as the World’s Most Livable City (Economist Intelligence Unit), as well as to observe the business practice in the city. During the trip, students visited The Australia-Indonesia Center, Tesla, Consulate General of Indonesia, and universities. Read more