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Minister of Agrarian: Indonesia Will Be the Fifth Largest Economy in the World by 2030

IMG_8839_Optimism was clearly emerged during the session of Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning, Sofyan Djalil, at TK Low Series of Seminar: Land Reforms and Economic Development in Indonesia at Jakarta Campus (19/2/2018). The optimism, said the minister, is due to the fact that the Indonesia’s economic development is currently on the right track. “If the economy keeps growing at the current trend, it is expected that Indonesia will be the fifth largest economy in the world by 2030, and the fourth largest by 2045,” added Sofyan. Read more

CEO of Garuda Indonesia: Indonesia’s Hospitality is Our Competitive Advantage

IMG_8670_editPahala Mansury, CEO of Garuda Indonesia, gave a talk about Garuda Indonesia’s success story during TK Low Series of Seminar at Jakarta Campus (13/2/2018). Opened by the Deputy Director of Jakarta Campus, Yudo Anggoro, the seminar discussed the recipe of Garuda Indonesia that just maintained its status as the 5-Star Airline from Skytrax for the three consecutive years. He mentioned that there are only 10 Five Star Airliners from approximately 200 airlines globally. Read more

MRT Jakarta Offered ‘BMW’ Lifestyle!

IMG_7871_ PT MRT Jakarta partnered SBM ITB planned to develop the public policy based on Transit Oriented Development, and operation maintenance cost structure. “We wish that the synergy will have a positive impact and together we can change the lifestyle to be BMW stands for Bus, MRT, Walk,” said the Director of Operations & Maintenance for PT MRT Jakarta, Agung Wicaksono on Thursday (28/12/2017). This was the last chance for MRT Jakarta to have a public visit to the MRT underground project.
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