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KPK Commissioner: 70% of Our Law is Prone to Manipulation

IMG_2233 Laode Syarif, Commissioner of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), gave a guest lecture session on environmental ethics at Global Leadership Executive MBA (GLEMBA) program at Jakarta campus (2/4/2017). He told that the damage of environment in Indonesia has been so massive because of the lack of law enforcement. “I have been a law practitioner for years, so I can say that 70 percent of our law is flawed and prone to manipulation,” he said. Read more

Jusman Syafii Djamal: Technology is One of Main Drivers of Economic Growth

IMG_2399__ “Technology is one of main drivers of economic growth because of its ability to generate innovation and to improve quality of human’s life. However, technology might create problems if the policy is not ready to adapt with the change of environment. The government needs to create policy that is able to anticipate and to predict the recent trend in technology,” said Jusman Syafii Djamal, President Commissioner of Garuda Indonesia and former Minister of Transportation at Jakarta Campus, today (5/4/2017).
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McKinsey: Construction Sector is Critical to Economic Growth

IMG_1982_“There are three critical factors to leverage the productivity of construction sector in Indonesia. First, the availability of technology to enhance the performance , second, the opportunity available related to the growth of construction sector, and third, the action from entrepreneurs to take the opportunity,” said Dr. Soegeng Wibowo, a Partner of McKinsey & Company at the public lecture at Jakarta Campus, Monday (27/3/2017). As a partner in the renowned consulting firm,Soegeng oversees banks, basic materials, shipping and government institutions in Indonesia and across Asia. Read more