Written by Student Reporter (Priskila Ranindhita Hapsari, Management 2022)

Each company has its own unique way to reach out to its customers. Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersma identify three strategic techniques or disciplines of value: operational excellence, consumer intimacy, and product leadership. Afat Adinanta, the CEO of PT Mega Perintis, told us more on Wednesday (16/9/2020).

He discussed some of the world’s biggest businesses and analyzed the methods they had been using to hover advantage over the others. He explained that different companies offered different services. One company he brought up was GOJEK prioritizing customer intimacy as it aimed to solve problems that their customers face.

“However, despite its large current database, GOJEK has not achieved operational excellence as it does not have a fixed system in force,” said Adinanta. McDonald’s, on the other hand, set operational excellence as its top priority. It followed a consistent formula, he added, to assemble their food as the two brothers, Richard and Maurice Mcdonald’s, had constructed. According to Adinanta, customer intimacy was also a strategy that Mcdonald’s used to approach Indonesian customers as they began to include rice into the menu’s list.

What’s more, he said, ”Apple does not sell cheap phones. Loyal Apple’s customers buy its products because they appear to be extravagant and lavish,” he added.


Finally, he concluded with, ”Every company should follow the three strategies. Though, it is near impossible to excel at every aspect. It is important to choose a tactic that makes a company unique compared to its competitors,” he said while underlining that the key to a successful business was to focus more on one of the three strategies that was likely to be more of an advantage for the company.