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    Discussion Group at MBA ITB Jakarta Selasar
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    Erika Sauer at MBA ITB Jakarta
    Erika Sauer on Business Leadership MBA Class

Selamat datang di MBA-ITB!

Reza A. Nasution, PhD
Director of MBA Program

Di sini Anda bisa mendapatkan informasi mengenai program studi MBA-ITB yang berdiri sejak tahun 1990 dan telah banyak menghasilkan pemimpin-pemimpin bisnis di Indonesia. Tonggak-tonggak penting dari perjalanan MBA-ITB bisa Anda baca di bagian "Tentang MBA-ITB". Untuk mengetahui tujuan dari pembelajaran di MBA-ITB, Anda bisa membaca bagian "Karakteristik Program". Secara umum, kami ingin menghasilkan pemimpin bisnis yang tidak hanya memiliki bekal kemampuan mengelola bisnis secara baik, namun juga semangat untuk berkreasi, berprestasi dan berempati. Itu semua kami wujudkan melalui seleksi yang ketat, pengajaran konsep-konsep dan praktik bisnis yang terkini, penanaman karakter-karakter kepemimpinan yang unggul, dan pembentukan soft skill. Kami menawarkan berbagai program untuk Anda di kampus kami yang ada di Bandung dan Jakarta. Program-program tersebut kami rancang sedemikian rupa sehingga dapat memenuhi kebutuhan Anda untuk menjadi profesional di perusahaan atau untuk menciptakan usaha baru. Informasi mengenai program di kedua kampus tersebut dapat Anda peroleh di bagian menu Program. Beberapa informasi lain yang belum disampaikan di sini bisa Anda baca di Student Handbook dan brosur-brosur program. Anda juga bisa mendapatkan informasi langsung dari kami dengan cara mengikuti kegiatan Open House yang jadualnya tercantum di bagian "Aktivitas Kampus". Jika Anda tertarik dengan artikel-artikel bisnis, anda bisa membuka link ke MBA-ITB Business review dan The Indonesian Journal of Business Administration (IJBA). Terima kasih atas kunjungan Anda. Kami harap Anda menjadi bagian dari keluarga besar MBA-ITB.
A Presidential Forum 2014 with Gita Wirjawan: 5 Issues for the Next PresidentGita Wirjawan was the first speaker of Leadership Night: A Presidential Forum 2014 held by School of Business and Management ITB at Jakarta Campus last Wednesday (16/4/14). According to Gita, there were 5 things that...
Company Roadshow MBA ITB ProgramBANDUNG, Indonesia, March 19th, 2014. To create awareness about post-graduate studies among executives, Master of Business Administration (MBA) ITB program held company roadshow activity as a part of marketing campaign. Director of MBA ITB Program...
MBA-CCE Pitching Day: Event HighlightsMBA-CCE Pitching Day is the first event held by MBA-CCE ITB to facilitate future young entrepreneurs to meet investors. Its mission is to give the opportunity for ITB students and alumni to develop and commercialize...
Farainy Adinda Gitawardhani - YP 45Sales & Promotion Digital Entertainment, XL
I choose MBA-ITB because I know that ITB is the best place for me to learn and grow. I found my new passion here. MBA-ITB encourages students to gain experience not only in class but also in real business problem. One of their programs is internship program for the regular class. MBA-ITB encourages students to gain experience not only in class but also in real business problem. By this program, I had a chance to get internship at one of the famous brand consulting in Bandung. This rewarding experience has sharpened my desire to pursue in marketing path.I choose MBA-ITB
Hermawan Sutanto - BLEMBA 2Intel Indonesia
I do appreciate the way BLEMBA has 'formed' each and everyone in the class. First, on Mindset. It changed from tactical to strategic, local to glocal, and captive to scale. Second, on Networking in which from limited to virtually connected to bigger network with our peer as the 'gate'. The third one would be on Aspiration. It formed the professional to entrepreneurship. I will see myself running startups (yes, with 's') in technology that produce a product for a global market. I think this is the ultimate destination for every BLEMBA alumni: a glocal entrepreneur.I do appreciate the way BLEMBA
Hardiyanto ST, MBA. - YP 45PT. Astra International Tbk.
There are four reasons for me before I took MBA degree. Firstly I'd like to advance my career at business in term of promotion to better position and career acceleration. Secondly, I'd like Increase my leadership skill. Thirdly, I'd like to Increase my business sense. Finally, I got more opportunities to choose my career in future. The learning methodology at MBA-ITB using case based learning would be a proper learning methodology to increase my business sense. The curriculum is also suitable with all business knowledge that I need to increase my business sense and knowledge.
Seven Julianus Siregar - YP 45Indonesian Custom
I chose MBA ITB to study because it delivers the courses in English and also has a good name as one of the best business school in Indonesia. Besides that, MBA ITB also is located at Bandung. The lesson I obtained that helpful for my career is the way of thinking to solve any problems just like the case based method.
Moh. Tedi Risnandar - CCE 45Business in agriculture & confection, consultant
MBA ITB able to guarantee the quality of learning that is better than any other university. So that, each graduate has the character and certainly a very good level of intelligence.The most valuable lesson of MBA ITB is formed in the system of providing education in the classroom and outside the classroom (industrial visit), marketing, and finance. The most important is the management strategy. All collaborate as one of mutual support in building a business because it has a strong attachment, so it is advantageous.
Suwetja Darsana - Executive 44PT Telekomunikasi Tbk.
MBA is rated 'A' by BAN-PT. Studying at ITB is a pride for me because I believe that this institute is one of the best in this country. SWA's award as best business school for MBA ITB in 2009 proved it. In real business, analyzing problem to make best choices is a must. Case studies make me understand more of how a problem should be solved from different perspectives.
Stephen Hendra Gunawan - Executive 44Business Consultant
MBA-ITB excellently fulfills 3 criteria (budget, flexibility, and school reputation) that provide the best value for money. The budget was inside my range, it also offers flexibility for executives, and the school reputation also highly regarded both in workspace and academic world. There are several benefits that gave impact for me both internal and external. Internally, we learned we must be humble, have good order of common sense, and motivation to strive forward. Externally, we are taught to be wise to overcome all external influence and difficulties around us.