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MBA-ITB introduces a new curriculum that is relevant to the needs of the global industry. This is because every program has been reviewed and tailored to actual practice in the field. In addition, the new curriculum also reflects MBA-ITB's concern toward the sustainability of business. We believe that businesses should pay a big attention toward the sustainability of the social and natural environment when pursuing their goals.

With the new curriculum, we hope that MBA-ITB becomes a preferred partner of leading companies in Indonesia and in the world as the source of high quality talents they need. We thank to students, alumni, community and other stakeholders who have given their trust in our learning process. We expect continuous supports and feedback from all of our stakeholders so that we can improve our learning process to meet their changing needs.

Our students will find studying with us a highly stimulating and rewarding experience. If you think that being an entrepreneurial leader is your goal, we encourage you to enroll in our MBA program. Together we can create a big impetus for raising the Indonesia's global competitiveness.

We look forward to embarking on this journey with you.

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