Admission MBA Program

In general, applicants to SBM ITB postgraduate program must have the following:

  1. University graduates with accredited or equalized/recognized study programs.
  2. University’s accreditaton of applicant is preferred minimum B to be accepted into the intended program.
  3. Academic levels that can register/participate in the selection are Diploma IV (Applied Bachelor) or Bachelor level graduates.

Written Application

An eligible applicant for admission to MBA ITB you must provide a minimum TPA Bappenas score of 475 (not required for foreign candidates) and TOEFL score of 475.

Please prepare a compilation of relevant materials to showcase your qualifications. All materials must be submitted to by the application deadline. The relevant documents may include (but not limited to) the followings:

We require uploaded transcripts from all undergraduate academic institutions of your previous study.

You may upload temporary or student copy of your transcript; however, we will request an official copy for verification purposes should you be admitted to ITB.

There is no minimum GPA to apply. Undergraduate academics are just one factor uses to evaluate an applicant.

We require uploaded bachelor’s degree certificate from all undergraduate academic institutions of your previous study.

You may upload temporary or student copy of your certificate; however, we will request an official copy for verification purposes should you be admitted to ITB.

Applicant must have Diploma IV (Applied Bachelor) or Bachelor degree from an accredited college/university minimum B in Indonesia or reputable overseas university.

Certificate of ELPT from UPT Bahasa ITB with minimum score 77*. We also accept TOEFL/IELTS held by ETS/Cambridge/British Council/IDP with minimum score of 475 (pBT) / 151 (cBT) / 56 (iBT) or IELTS 5.0 or TOEIC 500. For BLEMBA program applicants in Jakarta Campus, the minimum score is 90 (ELPT) or 500 (ITP-TOEFL) or 5.5 (IELTS) or 575 (TOEIC).

*can be submitted later

Certificate of TPA Bappenas from OTO Bappenas with a minimum score of 475.

*can be submitted later

Put e-mail address of  2 (two) or more of colleagues/lecturers who have professionally cooperated with you and able to give clear recommendation.

Transfer the registration fee and generate the Virtual Account number after you finish filling the data on the online registration.

Registration Fee*

Indonesian Nationals: IDR 750,000

Foreign Nationals: IDR 1,500,000

*Please noted that the registration fee can not be refundable for any reasons.

You must be able to show proof of ownership of health insurance which is valid for a minimum of 2 semesters (renewable). 

Applicants who use BPJS / KIS as health insurance, ITB only accepts BPJS / KIS documents funded by the agency / institution / company where the applicant / applicantparents works.

*can be submitted later if the applicant have passed the selection



Business Proposal for Entrepreneurship MBA applicants can be downloaded here.

After you fulfill all the requirement, you may be invited to present your business proposal in a designated interview.

*upload to Admission Form to submit your business proposal

Application Deadlines

Online registration: February 2021

Case-based interview

If you have TPA and TOEFL, please go to Admission Form and we will contact you later. However, due to this pandemic, we understand that TPA and/or TOEFL cannot be undertaken. For those of you who have not yet submitted, you are required to join this test.

How to do this test?Please fill in Admission Confirmation Form. Later, the admission will send you business case in which you are required to make a concise analysis of the case for 500 – 800 words (max. 2 pages A4), font Arial size 11. The critical analysis shall make use information and facts provided in the case which can be combined with any concept/theory that you think relevant.The analysis shall answer these questions:
  1. What is the problem faced by the decision maker(s) in the case?
  2. What is your proposed solution/decision if you were the decision maker(s)? Explain and elaborate you solution/decision.
You have maximum of 1×24 hour to submit your essay containing your analysis to the designated link/e-mail that will be delivered by the Admission and we will invite you for interview if your essay passes our academic standards*. Please note that we will also check if your essay consists of plagiarism act.*For Entrepreneurship program (Jakarta and Bandung Campus) applicants, during the essay interview you also require to present your business proposal. 

Admission Schedule

Admission StepsMBA Bandung CampusMBA Jakarta Campus
Online registration periodFebruary 2021February 2021
Business case delivery to applicantsMarch 2021March 2021
Applicants upload the essayMarch 2021March 2021
Notification for candidates selected for interviewMarch 2021March 2021
Interview for the selected applicantsMarch 2021March 2021
Result NotificationMarch 2021March 2021

Post-Interview activities

We will announce your interview result one month after the interview, at the latest. For those of you who got accepted, please follow the next step of the admission process by referring to Pendaftaran Ulang Program Pasca Sarjana.

Please also note that TPA and TOEFL certificates are still needed and will be collected during your study if you get accepted for this program.

Last update: 26 October 2020

Admission Office Contact

SBM ITB Building, Jl. Ganesha no. 10, Bandung.

WhatsApp: +62878 2282 2184 (Text Only)

TK Low Center for Executive Education
Graha Irama (Indorama), 12th floor
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 1-2

Phone: (021) 529 6868
WhatsApp: +62812 2002 242 (Text & voice call only)
Mobile phone: +62813 8850 8909 (Call only)