SBM ITB Selected as Best Business School 2017 by Global Brands Magazine

Global Brands Magazine (GBM) is an international-scale marketing magazine that reviews many brands of products ranging from food, lifestyle, finance, and technology. Headquartered in the UK, this magazine annually holds awards. In 2017 GBM again held the Global Brands Awards and launched a list of university names that are considered the best universities in education at the Education Awards. Institut Teknologi Bandung won the two best predicate as well for business schools and technology in Indonesia. School of Business and Management selected as Best Business School in Indonesia, and Institut Teknologi Bandung as Best University for Technology, Indonesia.


In addition to launching the names of award winners in the field of education, GBM also released award winners for airlines, banking and finance, Forex, healthcare, hotels, insurance, investment, leadership, real estate, retail and technology. Assessment aspects are based on service, performance, and branding. Assessment submitted by GBM to an independent external research institute team that collects data from available sources and examines nominations based on different criteria.

Quoted from the GBM page, it was stated that the award of Global Brand Award aims to give an appreciation for the performance and rewards for companies in various sectors that have performed amazingly well in finance, education, hotel, lifestyle, car, and technology. The award also aims to create awareness of the importance of excellent service for a company and reward its performance in the form of the highest global recognition.

More about the awards, please visit GBM official website

Source: ITB Website