ITB’s Ganeshaprise Team Successfully Wins Champion at Australia’s Regional Hult Prize

BANDUNG, – The Ganeshaprise team from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) succeeded in carving achievements at the international level at the regional Hult Prize Foundation held in Australia on 12-13 April 2019. The team consisted of Immanuel Deo Juvente Hasian Salalahi (Electric Power Alumni, STEI 2015), Albert Gianta Margono (Architectural Alumni, SAPPK 2015), and Pasasa Fridericiana Marie (SBM 2021).

The Hult Prize itself is a start up competition that aims to create business ideas to solve world problems. This year the Hult Prize put out the topic of Youth Employment, namely how to create business ideas to provide ten thousand jobs for young people for the next ten years.

The Ganeshaprise team is present offering a solution, namely the idea of ​​making a digital platform using the potential of 1,902 villages in Indonesia by emphasizing the growth of the village itself. One example is maximizing natural beauty so that it can create jobs in the village. This platform is expected to later become a medium that connects tourists with potential village.

The Ganeshaprise team has expectations that with this platform there will be 226 potential villages in Indonesia and 45,200 jobs will be available for the next ten years. Their start-up is called “DoSoon” which refers to the word hamlet.

Marie and her team have prepared this competition carefully for quite a long time. In December 2018 they got the announcement that they had passed the first stage. They have 4 months of preparation to prepare the competition material carefully. “Because we are different departments, it is not uncommon for us to experience things like schedule differences and different views. But we made this as a challenge until finally we became a team that could win at this stage, “Marie said.

Thanks to the creative ideas, willingness and perseverance that they have finally they can win first place at the regional finalist stage. After this stage, they will take part in the business incubation process for 6 weeks, then they will follow the final stage in London in July 2019. The Ganeshaprise team is the only representative of ITB and Indonesia who won first place at the regional level. This regional level is held in 30 different countries, and each regional winner will be sent to London. They will be guided by the best instructors, professors and CEOs in their respective fields, to further sharpen the ideas and systems designed. 6 finalists will be selected to compete in the Global Final Round in Boston, September 2019.

“His rivals are tight, especially because our opponents are many who are S2. We did not expect to win. Plus the pitching time given is only 6 minutes. However, thank God, we finally succeeded, “said Immanuel Deo, chairman of the Ganeshaprise team.

The Ganeshaprise team hopes that they can win in the final later so that they can implement this idea in Indonesia because this is also the motivation for them to participate in this competition. “Pray for us so that we can name Indonesia in the Hult Prize, London,” Albert said.

“Through a government program that promotes funds to increase revenue through the tourism sector, we believe that the start-up of ‘DoSoon’ will be supported by government agencies, independent agencies, and ITB itself which since 2015 has changed the direction of ‘Entrepreneurial University’,” added Marie.

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