Business Trip to Garut

Bachelor of Entrepreneurship class of 2019 conducted business trip on Tuesday, 25 June 2019. This business trip is a part of Entrepreneurship Dynamics course. The aims of this business trip is to obtain knowledge how to start and develop business. The business trip destinations are PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia and Astiga Leather.

PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia
The first place was PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia as producer of Chocodot. The students visited the Choco World, where they acquired information about Cacao farm and chocolate history of Garut. In Choco World, students are also shown the attraction of making chocolate processed creation. After visited Choco World, students moved to head office and Chocodot factory. In head office, students have a sharing session with the owner of PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia, Kiki Gumelar. In Factory, students looked around the process of making chocolate. PT Tama Cokelat Indonesia have many appreciation such as TUTTO Food 2011 Niche Product, Milan Italy 2011 (National product with the best traditional packaging in the world); Upakarti, Jakarta 2014; OVOP, Jakarta 2018 (One village one product, 5 star); and Pangan Award, Jakarta 2010 & 2016 (product innovation & the best raw materials and the best snacks).

Astiga Leather
The next place was Astiga Leather, located in Jl A. Yani No 299, Garut. Astiga Leather creates bags, jacket, belts, wallets, shoes, and other goods. Here, students could see the process of making the leather goods. They obtained information how to choose good quality leather, how to cut the leather, and how to sew the leather. They also get information how to run the leather business and the business opportunity in this field. Many students excited to ask the owner of Astiga Leather, Luthfi Muhammad Sidik, about his experience in running this business.