Recently School of Business and Management is applying AACSB or Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business. One of international accreditation based on USA. The accreditation will assure and standardize the quality of teaching and learning process in SBM ITB. Aligned with SBM ITB vision to be world class business school, this accreditation will leverage the international partnership and collaboration, also recognized globally as well.

The AACSB international represent the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide. AACSB-accredited schools produce graduate that are highly skilled and more desirable to employers than other non-accredited business schools. It is shown by 96% of the chief executives on the 2016 Financial Times “From MBA to CEO” attended an AACSB -accredited school. Furthermore, based on research 4 out of 5 alumni from AACSB -accredited schools say their graduate management education has contributed to improvement in their competitiveness, proactiveness, innovativeness, and creativity.

“AACSB is not only an international standard that we fight for international recognition, AACSB is a significant prove for the commitment of continues improvement and assurance of learning that our graduate and students get the learning goals and leaning objectives. Its reflected by acquiring new skills, attitude, and knowledge.” Ms. Yuli said.
The registration and accreditation process are started from 2015 until now. The three main points that will be assessed by AACSB are Engagement, Innovation and impact of the business school to government, business and society. To pursue the accreditation, SBM ITB needs to meet the eligibility of AACSB international, then it will take 4-6 years to fulfill the AACSB standard. Almost five years, SBM ITB still on progress to fulfill the 15 standards of AACSB international.

Due to the significant impact for business school, the preparation process of AACSB accreditation in SBM ITB is run well by Assurance of Learning (AOL) division. AOL duty is assuring the teaching and learning process in SBM ITB is on track of continues improvement through gathering feedback and suggestion. To get equal perception on teaching and learning process on every subject in SBM ITB, AOL division give and share questionnaire form regularly at the end of semester to lectures and students.

Mr. Aswin explain the importance of AACSB accreditation to ambassadors

SBM ITB has chosen several students and alumni based on the school administrator consideration to be SBM ITB Ambassador. The Duties are representing SBM ITB students, campaigning and disseminating the AACSB accreditation among students, and become the student representative for AACSB interview assessment. To leverage the ambassadors’ knowledge, they get mini outing class in Dago Dream Park about AACSB and SBM ITB basic information, AACSB interview simulation and open discussion about how to share and disseminate the AACSB and SBM ITB basic information among students. 

“Currently SBM ITB is preparing for the AACSB accreditation will be assessed in March 2020. The assessment will coverage the whole process of teaching and learning in SBM ITB. Lectures and students will be pick up randomly to assess the 15 standards of AACSB. We hope that everyone in SBM ITB both of lectures and students know about this accreditation, we will disseminate about this. At least lectures and students know about leaning goals, leaning objective and SBM ITB vision and mission at the beginning of 2020” Mr. Aswin said.

The open discussion become the main source of AOL to get fresh idea from students and alumni about disseminating strategy. Ambassadors are divided into 4 discussion groups with different background. At the end of the discussion session, every group has change to presenting their ideas. The Ideas are coming from different perspective, from offline to online campaign strategy, such as posters, stickers, SBM ITB and AACSB competition, viral videos, reviving SBM ITB social media account, student generated content at website, and direct dissemination by school administrator.

The group presentation about how to increase awareness about AACSB accreditation among students

“Because of the engagement is important point of AACSB, we need to focus on attracting student and making them curious about AACSB and SBM ITB. We can make the ambassadors has special attribute that can stimulate the curiosity” Iden said, one of Entrepreneurship program alumni.

Reporter: Aldi Aldinar (Member of AACSB Ambassador – Student of Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Class of 2020)