SBM ITB CSR for the Business Environment: 60 SBM ITB Students help Coaching Clinic for 243 West Java SMEs

Financial management, marketing and human resources become problems faced oftentimes by small and medium businesses (SMEs) in Indonesia, including in West Java.
For this reason, Thegreaterhub School of Business Management Institut Teknologi Bandung (SBM) ITB once again held a mentoring program for 243 SMEs in West Java from 16 September to 6 December 2019.
 “So far, there have been many training for SMEs, but many SMEs did not survived due to various problems,” said Director of Thegreaterhub SBM ITB Dr. Dina Dellyana in the launching of the Clinical Coaching Clinic in West Java SME’s batch 2, 2019 at the Auditorium of the SBM ITB Labtek XIX, Wednesday (11/09/2019)
Dina explained, as long as the SMEs running their business, problems would continue to arise.  So to help solve the problem, through the Clinical Coaching Clinic in West Java SME’s batch 2, 2019, 60 SBM ITB students will provide assistance and become a free consultant to 243 SMEs who have registered previously.
 “We make a sustainable program, because the coaches are Master of Business Administration (MBA) program students, those who become coaches have built their own businesses and will help SMEs,” he explained.
Dina added, the MBA students have various skills such as marketing, finance, operations management, and human resource management, so that the coaches had the ability to analyze the problems faced by SMEs.
Furthermore in the field of marketing management, the coach will guide consultations related to product development and packaging to digital marketing, Dina added.  SMEs will also get basic knowledge of operational management related to production management, supply chain management, or quality control.
For financial management issues will be helped to handle cash flow, profit or loss, or financial analysis.  The human resource management will dwell on payroll consultations, measurement of performance achievement indicators, to the allocation of human resources.
 “We want to enhance the branding and digital marketing capabilities of SMEs to be applied in business, understand the process of innovation and sustainable product development, and understand the concepts and planning of e-commerce business,” she said
The Coaching Clinic program was developed by the SBM ITB, especially MBA program together with Thegreaterhub, SBM ITB’s business incubator.  This program is partnering with West Java Kadin, Hipmi Kimdo, Hipmi Bandung, West Java Nahdlatul Ulama Halal Center, and Cimahi City Government.  The 234 SMEs consists of various types of businesses such as culinary, fashion, services, and others.
 “In the implementation, the coaches will provide themselves for the consultation session which is held every Monday-Friday at 15.00-17.00 WIB, at Thegraterhub SBM ITB” she explained.
The coachees can come and discuss various problems faced with the coach there.  For those who are outside the city can take advantage of communication via Skype or video calls, and the participants are free of charge.
 “SBM ITB’s second program is a form of CSR to the West Java business environment,” Dina explained.
After 3 years of operation, Thegreaterhub made many programs specifically for ITB students, and assisted a number of start-ups and businesses to develop.  But seeing the development and interest of business people outside ITB, Thegreaterhub see that it is necessary to provide better services and enhance collaboration between creative and business people in West Java.
 “We are trying to bring SMEs together with MBA ITB students as coaches so that they are expected to be able to increase the potential of UKM in West Java,” she concluded.
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