Stated by the President Director of PT Blue Bird Tbk, Noni Sri Ayati Purnomo, at the Dinner with School Advisory Council and Donors in Jakarta (28/08/2019). “That is why it was so important to make our drivers happy so they can make you as the customer feels happy,” told Noni reminiscing about the past when online transportation began to bite many taxi firms in 2016.

“Our drivers stopped to operate as they were depressed by the situation. We needed to think hard on how we could bring back their smiles. “That was when we agreed to launch a free taxi ride for one day and it finally worked to bring their confidence,” said Noni who was listed in “Power Women in Asia” by Forbes.

Noni who recently launched the ‘Women Empowerment Project’ to empower more than 40,000 wives of Blue Bird Group employees and drivers, was talking about “LEGACY – LIBERTY – LIABILITY: Driving Sustainable Family Business through Generations” emphasizing collaboration and co-creation. She continued to explain how to navigate through the multidimensionality of a family business.

According to Noni, the success of business was achieved through synchronizing values, upholding professionalism for survival and growth, and managing portfolio to sustain the business. Family harmony, as she continued, also played a significant role in this business. She put emphasis on agreeing family codes of conduct, managing roles, and developing skill and competence in entrepreneurship and innovation. “We always push ourselves to innovate. We now even team up to launch GoBluebird,” said the school’s donor, Noni Purnomo.