Two ITB Teams Successfully Achieved Champion Ranking on KBMK 2019

Written by Elisabeth Sirumapea

Two student teams from the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) won the first place in the National Student Competition Competition in Business, Management and Finance (KBMK), on September 13-14, 2019 at the SBM ITB Building, Jalan Ganesha No. 10, Bandung. KBMK is a national level competition for college students in Indonesia conducted by the Ministry of Research and Technology together with the Bandung Institute of Technology Business and Management School (SBM ITB). The theme of this activity is “Encouraging the Progress of Ecosystems of the Business World with Innovations in Business, Management and Finance that Strengthens the Identity of the Homeland and Utilizes Technology for the Welfare of the Nation”.

The competition category is divided into 4 sections including: 1), competition in the field of business planning with aspects of technology utilization, 2), case analysis competition in marketing, 3) competition in investment research, and 4) financial competition in investigative audit. Each group was judged by 3 judges consisting of academics, practitioners, representatives of professional associations and representatives from the government.

In this competition, the Magnum Opus team won the best rank nationally for the marketing category. Another team, Joyeux, won the fourth best national rank in the technology utilization category. The Magnum Opus Team consists of two students named Aliya (Management 2020), and Fauzan Abdurrahim (Industrial Engineering 2017). While Joyeux Team consists of two students, named Tsaniya Millah (Entrepreneurship 2020), and Nafisah Azzahra (Entrepreneurship 2020).

For the marketing category in the preliminary round, the Magnum Opus Team presented ideas to overcome the distribution channel problems of PT.Mitra Bumdes with Buahdua, Sumedang which is still dominated by middlemen that causes farmers gain less profit. They provide solutions by conducting sales that focuses on B2B which previously was still oriented towards B2C and also by integrating all agricultural needs (purchasing raw materials to savings and loans) into the Farmer Logistics application, which is digitally upgraded so that the system is becoming a mini-ERP.

Meanwhile, for the grand final and final round Magnum Opus team gave an idea to provide a solution by doing digital enhancements to the Jakarta MRT application by utilizing the big data from this application so that they could integrate information from the application. Thus, prospective consumers can feel the convenience when they are in a need to use the Jakarta MRT with a hope that this can increase consumer awareness in using the Jakarta MRT and is able to increase the income of the Jakarta MRT including the UMKM there.

As for the Joyeux team in the technology utilization category, they brought an idea called Electricity Shaker. Electricity Shaker is an application of kinetic energy that is converted to electrical energy for small power generation and is targeted for the urgency of lighting and communication in disaster areas. Thus the areas that are experiencing disasters still get lighting and still be able to communicate

“The struggles we experienced were in the division of time. Because during this race, Aliya and I had many other activities outside. Aliya himself is a minister and I am the deputy director general. So it is very difficult to find a suitable time to work on the case. “Fauzan said from the Magnum Opus team.

“As a result, we always work on tight cases with deadlines. What we do is streamlining the time available by dividing the tasks so that they can finish on time. Then there is some data from the problem that is lacking so we need to find additional data. The point is that while there is still time to make the best use, “he added.

Similar to the Joyeux team, they also experienced difficulties when they had to gather with the team to work on their ideas. “The way to overcome it is by maintaining good communication within the team, if the communication is smooth, the discussion is also good, so the problem is easily resolved,” said Nafisah who came from the Joyeux team.

“Yesterday, I met with many friends from different universities, hopefully Indonesian students will be able to excel and develop and advance the Indonesian economy,” Tsaniya said when sharing his experience during KBMK.

“Hopefully next year and in the future KBMK can still be held. Because according to me, it is a really good event to bring students together with corporate parties. In this case, I met representatives of the Jakarta MRT also representatives from the Ministry of Cooperatives and UMKM “, said Aliya from the Magnum Opus team.