Written by Student Reporter, Evita Sonny (Management 2020)

All people are hoping great achievements in their study period of education, even in their life. And here, SBM ITB is trying to facilitate their students in actualizing those dreams. Cheryl Marlitta Stefia is one of the MBA ITB student who is now successfully start to approaching her dream. 

She is now in her final semester in MBA ITB. Previously, she graduated from electrical engineering major in Telkom University before keep going her study to a completely new world, business. Yet, surprisingly, in the end, these new things have become her passion now. She admits that she hasn’t achieved many things during her bachelor degree, even her CV feel so less. But now, she feels so challenging in becoming an achiever. This 23 years-old woman has ever to be:

  1. First Winner of Idealogy Bootcamp ITB July 2019
  2. Indonesia Delegate from ITB in Asia Youth Model United Nations (Kuala Lumpur, May 2019)
  3. Runner up in WOW Marketing Case Competition by Pertamina Lubricants (August 2019)
  4. Finalist of Duta Koperasi Jawa Barat 2019
  5. Bekraf for Pre-startup Juli 2019
  6. Global Goal Model United Nation 3.0 Delegate
  7. International Model United Nation in Nanjing, China 2019
  8. Asia World Model United Nations III 2019
  9. Finalist National Business Plan Competition Telkom University 2019
  10. 15 big Dilo Hackathon 2019 by Telkom University

She doesn’t limit herself so that she become so productive. Even, in between her busyness, she also developing her new start-up named LAPAK.KU. LAPAK.KU is a technology-based online property platform that targets SME businesses that provide place rental services for businesses. Includes school canteens, universities, offices, food courts, bazaars, even to the street vendor.

LAPAK.KU provides a complete place of business information with facilities, prices, and decoration of the place of business along with photos of the design adjusted to actual conditions. Thus, LAPAK.KU is encountering the difficulties in finding information about renting a place of business, or difficulties in finding an accurate price information regarding a suitable business places without the intervention of intermediaries. Currently, LAPAK.KU is under Indigo, LPIK, Greaterhub, and Bekraf guidance to perfecting various features.

Cheryl and her team on Idealogy Bootcamp
Cheryl and her team is winning WOW Marketing Case Competition

Although Cheryl has difficulties in several times, she still finish all the works on time. Yet, she admits that she still has to improve her behavior in managing time so she is not so overwhelming with all the things she has taken care of.  To her, good management and prioritize skill is the key. By experiencing many things she has struggling on, she also accustomed to always think one step ahead. In the end, she becomes so grateful with all support in having such loving and credible friends. 

From her study in MBA, she also learns how network and creative ideas becomes so important. “Young generations have to be proactive. Read a lot of books. I, personally, get used to having a target on my own, like to have completing read minimum two of books in a month, whether it is about self-improvement, entrepreneur, or any other topics. Reading books make you discover new ideas, or even enrich your insight in seeing things” she said when she has been asked about any message to convey.