Written by Student Reporter, Elisabeth Sirumapea (Management 2020)

Evita Nooriana Arimurti, a student from Entrepreneurship batch 2020 won the 3rd place in the 2019 IEEE UB SB National Essay Competition (INTEC) held in Malang, East Java on September 20-22, 2019.
The IEEE UB SB National Essay Competition (INTEC) 2019 is a national essay competition with the theme of technological innovation to realize the industrial era 4.0. This competition discusses what ideas and technological innovations we can contribute in the present in order to realize the industrial era 4.0. The teams were selected in advance through full paper selection. After the 10 best full papers had been selected, the 10 participants were brought together in Malang to be selected again through presentations for the top 3.

“I raise the issue of coffee cherry skin that is just thrown away in a coffee plantation, allowed to pile up, rot, and pollute the environment,” Evita said who also the only representative of ITB. Evita said that coffee cherries contain very high antioxidants and are ranked as the 4th richest antioxidant food based on ORAC Research. Considering that Indonesia is the fourth coffee-producing country in the world, and of course the country produces a large amount of coffee cherry waste, she proposed a technology that can be used to process coffee cherries to be a drink. 

“I use Ultraviolet (UV Light Treatment) type of irradiation technology, with Germicidal Irradiator lamp as the medium, to deactivate the bacteria in coffee cherries, because as long as the coffee cherries do not go through the irradiation process, the coffee cherry drink will cause stomach ache for anyone who consume it.”, Evita said. “Once proven to be safe for consumption, this coffee cherry will be processed into tea drinks rich in antioxidants and ready to be commercialized,” she added.
With this technology, besides being able to help reduce negative impacts on the environment, it can also increase the income of coffee farmers. “By realizing this idea, I hope it can support one of the 17 pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals, namely Responsible Consumption and Production,” Evita said.

Evita mentioned that during the race, she was the only woman who became a finalist, and had a business background. Both the judges and the other finalists were mostly from Engineering (Machinery, electronics, computer science). “But I try to have positive thinking and consider this difference could be my uniqueness and strengths,” Evita said.
“After winning and getting the 3rd place, of course I am happy and grateful. But this victory is not just from my own hard work, “Evita said. “This victory is from the efforts of my friends who are also willing to take the time to help and motivate. I am thankful for all of that, and I offer this victory to you, Tanti, Aul, Eid, Afyan, Windi, Wildan, Mahbub, and other friends that I cannot mention one by one. “she added.

“Although this competition is dominated by technology, I also apply knowledge from SBM which has been applied also in entrepreneurship study programs, that is don’t just start a business, solve the problems people actually have,” Evita said with a smile. He added that if we are able to identify problems around us, accompanied by our ability to execute and deliver it to the market, then we will be able to create a real sustainable product that matters.
Evita hopes that in the future there will be more students participating in various competitions. “Allow yourself to step out from your comfort zone. Allow yourself to get excited to participate in the competition. The more you participate, the better you get. ” She said.