The student of Technology Based Business course in Bachelor of Entreprenurship program had opportunity of field trip by visiting Bhimasena and Agate on 19 September 2019. Both companies are superior technology companies in each business category. Bhimasena is a private company that develops its business in the field of defense equipment by developing and producing equipment for the Indonesian military. And Agate is a gaming company that has the title “best gaming company in Indonesia” for now.

We visited Bhimasena for the first visit, and we were welcomed by one of the commissioners of Bhimasena, T. Surachman . S,E ., CFRA. He told the history of the development of Bhimasena and the defense equipment business process from development to the product can be sold. He told about the need for a long process for product development to be accepted by clients because of their needs for military assistance. So, it is very important to be always updated with current technological developments.

The next activity undertaken is the company tour. In this activity, students visited the product development department, the technicians’ laboratory, and the production floor. Products developed by Bhimasena range from military vehicles such as cars for taming explosives to sophisticated drones that can be controlled without a crew. Bhimasena warned that the product developed was a defense equipment product, so visitors could not document the visit.

The next destination to visit is Agate, located in Summarecon, Bandung. Agate introduces its company as the best game developer company in Indonesia at this time. They told the history of the company and its development since 2009 until now. Then they provide an explanation of the business in the game industry. They emphasize the importance of following the development of technology to be able to always compete with other game developers. Because they have a vision to be able to expand the market through global markets.