Written by Muhammad Zain, MBA CCE 60

Creativity and innovation are two things that need to be improved and renewed from time to time. Those factors also considered the two main keys in running a business. Without eagerness to learn, it will be hard to survive in business.

That was said by Bayu Rangga, CEO of POT Branding house in the Talkshow: How Creative Mind Enhances Your Business, organized by MBA ITB CCE batch 60 and The Greater Hub at Newangkawi Auditorium 6th floor, Freeport Building, Saturday (10/09/2019). “Humans have learned from other humans. Branding is human-centered matter. It’s how humans represent themselves.”

Pidi Baiq, as Imam Besar of The Panas Dalam, mentioned “Better to focus on improving ourselves rather than complaining about the government, if we are being a creative and good citizen so our country will be great as well. Because citizens are the representatives of a country. Business is all about mental, and mental is shaped by our mind.”

Bandung is a strategic city to start a business. It is located between Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia known as the centre of business in Indonesia, and Java as the city of cultures and arts. 

Art aspects in business are sometimes underestimated. Hopefully, this talk will be an eye opening moment for businessman in combining art and business within the balance portion. Business without the touch of art could be stagnant and static, as known in industry 4.0 consumers prefer a product that could touch their emotional side,  Products that could be experienced.

Meanwhile, Yusuf Zulkibri, CEO of Matoa emphasized that being creative also makes business world less bleeding, automatically positioning the business in the blue ocean. Entrepreneurs should be aware to compete. Creative minds allow entrepreneurs to have strategic mind in running business and creative mind will lead to outstanding products. For example, Wooden watch Matoa has been known as the first wooden watch in Indonesia. It leads in the Indonesian market.

Talkshow : How Creative Mind Enhances Your Business is a new program from MBA ITB CCE batch 60 which aims to open entrepreneur mind about creativity in business. Also, this talk discussed how to sustain in business by using creative mind. This event was attended 150 students from ITB, Universitas Padjadjaran, Telkom University, and Universities around Bandung. MBA CCE batch 60 also collaborated with big sponsors like Ardan FM, Kahiji News, etc to make this event bigger.