Written by Student Reporter (Elisabeth Sirumapea - Management 2020)

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id – KMM SBM ITB which is a continuation of the ITB Management Student Family successfully won second place in the performance of HMJ ITB (ITB Department Student Association) which was held on October 19, 2019. This parade was held as an appreciation to the graduates who has completed his/her studies at ITB.

The KMM Graduation Parade for the October 2019 period was chaired by Alifa Rahma Dwi Ardani, a Management student form batch 2021 with the committee members as follows:

  • Chief Executive: Alifa Rahma Dwi Ardani
  • Deputy Chairperson: Ausy Alayya Ilmi
  • Field Coordinator: Fathi Hilmy Arsadipura
  • Field Commander: Alisa Aufa Rizkika, Ilham Muharram, RBM Cemal Ecmal, Teguh
  • Secretary: Rizka Amaliya Mutaqin, Made Dwi Pradnyani Dewi, Tjia, Alphani Anugrah Putri
  • Treasurer: Farhan Aulia Rahman, Putri Syafina Dewi, Roos Amelya


1) Liaison Officer

  • Supervisor: Raesya Febriana (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Nadya Putri Fuadi (Management 2022)
  • Deputy Chairman of the Division: Rayyan Attar (Management 2022)

2) Publication & Documentation

  • Superintendent: Lazuardi Ismail Firdaus (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Fajar Ahmadi (Management 2022)
  • Deputy Head of Division: Endhita Dhestiana Indiart (Management 2022)

3) Heroes (Security)

  • Superintendent: Ivanka Yelizaveta Lazuardi (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Dylan Muhammad Arnazl (Management 2022)

4) Drafter

  • Supervisor: Syahrul Kamal Ashefi (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Aletha Shahisa (Management 2022)

5) Performance

  • Supervisor: Gita Fitri Rizky Zaharani (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Sazqi Dhea Harashta (Management 2022)
  • Deputy Chairperson of the Division: Priscilla Ranindhita Hapsari (Management 2022)

6) Percussion

  • Superintendent: Muhammad Naufal Ihsan (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Ignatius Adrian Putra (Management 2022)
  • Deputy Head of Division: Revitya Nabila (Management 2022)

7) Make-Up & Costume

  • Supervisor: Bernadetta Nadya Amarani Sitompul (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Tsakila Dania Zen (Management 2022)
  • Deputy Head of Division: Paramitha Adinda (Management 2022)

8) Mega-Property

  • Superintendent: Dominique Khairunisa (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Mathys F E (Management 2022)
  • Deputy Chairman of the Division: Hana Syahrani (Management 2022)

9) Logistics

  • Supervisor: Muhammad Fauzan Ariwandono (Management 2021)
  • Head of Division: Audie Burhan (Management 2022)
  • Deputy Head of Division: Hasna Annisa Dewi (Management 2022)

In this parade, KMM presented the theme of Dream Collage with Subtema, The Greatest Showman. Alifa Rahma Dwi Ardani, who is commonly called Ceceu, said that sub-theme refers to the film The Greatest Showman inspired by a “Showman” named Barnum who has dreams, although often considered crazy and trivial by many people. After continuing to try, he can pour his imagination to the point where he can realize his dream.

“A dream can come true when it has a strong will and determination, according to one of its quotes When There’s a Will, There’s a Way,” he said.

Thanks to this theme, KMM ITB finally won second place for HMJ performance. “More or less each time division is needed at the same optimal 1.5 months because we start working each division simultaneously and even then it was cut off by UTS,” said Ceceu when asked how long it took to prepare for this parade.

As chairman Ceceu shared his experience in leading this parade. “Preparations made first are mental and self-confidence because they have been given the mandate for holding the 2019 Wisokto KMM Parade.” He said. He also said that by becoming chairman he had learned to understand about the KMM wisokto culture, learning to plan for the prospect of preparing the KMM Wisokto Parade itself.

In addition, Ceceu said that communication was an important matter in a committee to be able to solve problems properly. This is because one of the challenges faced is uniting the thinking of each division. “The way to overcome them is mutual understanding between each division, both human resources and the needs of each division and the important thing is communication so that every time something can be resolved properly,” he added.

Ceceu said that he was happy and proud because he had won second place. He hopes for the next wisokto, hopefully KMM ITB can give their best and become the first winner for their performance and procession. “The message to be conveyed to the KMM masses is to continue to contribute to all activities in the KMM and you must always love your totality in every activity!” He said.

In addition, Faco as chairman of the KMM ITB association said that he was very happy and very proud of the entire mass of SBM ITB, especially KMM ITB who prepared and the results arrived in such a way.

“The hope is that as the chairman of the association, we really want to achieve a lot of achievements in the future and the members of the association so that the name KMM skyrocketed or not as a new set, so it is not always underestimated by evidence that KMM ITB is also very competitive with other associations at ITB,” he said.

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