Written by Student Reporter (Qinthara Silmi Faizal - Management 2020)

Pasanggiri Mojang Jajaka Kota Bandung or known as the MoKa Bandung is the annual agenda of the City Government of Bandung Tourism and Culture Office. The aim is to introduce traditional culture to young generation and Bandung tourism potential. The expected output from this activity is to be able to love their own culture while also learning other culture. The word Mojang and Jajaka itself are coming from Sudanese which means “girl” and “boy”.

On October 26th, 2019, the 24 best representatives from various institutions attending the Grand Final Pasanggiri Mojang Jajaka (Moka) Kota Bandung 2019 which was held at Hotel Harris Festival Citylink and one of them is Singgih Eka Pratama, a bachelor of management student batch 2020. Singgih successfully competes with 11 other Jajaka finalists and was chosen as Runner Up of Jajaka Kota Bandung 2019.

During the selection process, he receives a lot of new knowledge and experience about traditional culture in Bandung, “I gained new experience during the Mojang and Jajaka Kota Bandung 2019 selection process. The most memorable experience for me is when I am chosen to be a spokesperson for the Tangerang City government. As a spokesperson, my knowledge about Bandung is truly tested because I need to explain about the history of Bandung, culture in Bandung, and potential tourism in Bandung.” Said Singgih.

Being a Jajaka Kota Bandung 2019 while also being a final year undergraduate student, of course, is not easy, especially in managing time between academic activity and  Mojang Jajaka Kota Bandung activity. Fortunately, the organizers of Mojang Jajaka Kota Bandung understood that each finalist had their academic activities so permission to not attending some of Mojang Jajaka Kota Bandung training because of attending a class could still be given.

Besides being active in Mojang Jajaka Kota Bandung, Singgih is also actively involved in campus organizations such as KMM ITB (Keluarga Mahasiswa Manajemen ITB) and PS ITB (Persatuan Sepak bola ITB). In his leisure time, Singgih usually doing his hobby in playing futsal while also managing his business in fashion (Saint Retro.Co) and F&B (Makaroni Laris Manis).

“After winning as the runner up of course I feel very happy and grateful for what I have been through. I never imagined before that I will be able to be in this position. I will not be like this without the support and effort from my parents and my friends, especially Fany, Bea, Sysil, Raelis, Malvin, Jason, Rani, Tara, and Derra who already convinced and encouraged me to register for Mojang Jajaka Kota Bandung 2019.” Said Singgih while closing the conversation.