LAPAK.KU Team Won in Telkom University National Business Plan Competition 2019

School of Business Administration Bandung Institute of Technology as one of the best universities in Indonesia continue in making achievements. LAPAK.KU Team consisting  of  Cheryl  Marlitta  CCE59,  Daniel  Andersen  CCE59,  Annisa  Salma CCE59 won favorite place in National Business Plan Competition held by BEM Business Administration of Telkom University, Bandung on Friday, October 6. Furthermore, the team presented their business ideas entitled “LAPAK.KU” in front of other finalists from UGM, UB, Telkom and etc. Cheryl and her team said their ideas were relevant to property industry.

“LAPAK.KU  is  a  technology-based  online  property  platform  that  targets  SME businesses  that  provide  place  rental  services  for  businesses.  Includes  school canteens, universities, offices, food courts, bazaars, even to the street vendor.

LAPAK.KU  provides  a  complete  place  of  business  information  with  facilities, prices, and decoration of the place of business along with photos of the design adjusted to actual conditions. Thus, LAPAK.KU is encountering the difficulties in finding information about renting a place of business, or difficulties in finding an accurate  price  information  regarding  a  suitable  business  places  without  the intervention of intermediaries” she said.

The presentation started with registration and the Finalists group presentation. And at the end of the event, they announce the winner of 2019 business plan competition. Cheryl and the team did not expect to win the competition because their preparation  is  too  short.  Moreover,  there  was  a  competitor  won  the  best representative of tertiary institutions.

“We only have one week to prepare everything before the D-day presentation,” Daniel said. The most exciting experience according to Cheryl and the team was the vibes of the competition. They will not stop to continue in achieving more achievement for the university.

Written by Cheryl  Marlitta