Written by Student Reporter (Elisabeth Sirumapea - Management 2020)

ITB students achieved a reward at the national level. This time, Virendra team consisting of three students of SBM ITB got the second place in the Management Marketing Plan Competition held by Udayana University and Kemenristekdikti (10/27/2019).

Management Week 2019 was an activity with two competitions, the Management Stock Analysis Competition (MJ SAC) and the Management Marketing Plan Competition (MJ MPC). MJ MPC is a competition in the marketing field which is a series of Management Week 2019 events where participants would solve a case (case study) regarding a company’s marketing problems by providing creative ideas that are expected to be a solution and contribution for the company concerned. This year, Management Marketing Plan Competition carried the theme “Support Local Branding to Stop Foreign Product Invasion” in which the participants were expected to contribute their creative ideas in developing marketing strategies for local food branding in order to survive and even win the competition both in national and international scale.

“We join this competition to improve leadership skills, critical thinking and analysis, diplomacy and self-skills in business”, said Armayoga Mukti when asked why he wanted to take part in this competition.

Virendra team consists of Gabriella Stefany (Management 2020), Charles Vincent (Management 2020), and Armayoga Mukti (Management 2020). They brought the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoptimizing electronic word of mouth by empowering customer experience in sheep coffee.

“Basically the competition is about making a marketing strategy for a coffee shop integrated with the factory. We use a customer experience optimization strategy to solve the solution and by chance the jury is the owner of the coffee shop,” said Fanny, one of Virendra team members.

Because of the ideas they brought, Virendra’s team finally won 2nd place. “We are certainly happy, and grateful to have the opportunity to improve ourselves through the marketing plan competition,” said Armayoga Mukti

Armayoga Mukti, known as Farel, also added that joining this competition has taught them to be able to manage their time well. Because of this challenge, they have the experience of participating in the competition and at the same time completing college assignments.

Farel hopes that in the future he can remain active in positive activities like this, while Charles hopes that this victory can be useful for SBM to increase the motivation of other SBM students in participating in competitions.