Written by Student Reporter (Deo Fernando, Entrepreneurship 2021)

Entrepreneurship Program SBM-ITB held a seminar on fridaypreneurship event with the theme “Managing Startup Teamwork Through Real Experience and Gamification”. The seminar was held in the SBM-ITB 2nd-floor auditorium on Friday (11/08/2019). In general, the seminar talked about how to build teamwork in a startup and the importance of the character of each individual in the process.  Then, it also explains how the gamification approach in creating innovative ideas and solutions.

In the first session, Adhy Santoso who is a co-founder of Innovez One talked about how to run a tech company. In his lecture, Adhy emphasized the importance of the character of each team in running a business. “Character is the key, character is very important because if you are less than competent then it can be trained, very different from the character”, said Adhy. Then, teamwork also becomes very vital in building tech startups. One of the benefit of working in team is the coindividuals often do not have all the necessary knowledge and skills. Working together is essential, Harmony and a positive attitude are critical. If the team is not working together, then the expected gains will not, materialize. In building a team also requires a process, including: decide specifications for future team members, advertise the opening, interview process, communicate openly during internal meetings, drive and manage team members to achieve the goals, give rewards, new challenges to get stressed ideas and Transform to ROADMAP ideas for continuing and developing new versions of application software. In the seminar, Adhy also gave tips for managing a team, including:

  1. Be a listener
  2. Always use helicopter point of view
  3. Understand the Root cause
  4. Manage ego from all of your team members
  5. Be honest (as a leader)
  6. Give clear instructions and solutions
  7. Never leave our team members behind while doing project implementation
  8. When sending a team member to a client site, we gotta make sure all the logistics aspects for our team are covered. Be a listener is the most importance. In building an innovative business, you don’t need to be smart, but just listen. Listen to all the problems people or employees and find the solution. And also, we must build a team to achieve our goals.

Besides Adhy, the seminar was also attended by Scot Osterwell, who was a computer game designer from MIT’s Education Arcade. Scot discusses gamification. Gamification is a thinking game and game mechanic to improve the non-game context. Scot said that instinctively, humans want to overcome the challenges, a concept like that in gameplay where users always try and error so they can find a way or a solution. The concept of gamification in business serves to produce innovative ideas about existing problems and for decision making, and in gamification, it takes space to think. “The most important thing is to keep learning, and think people around you, giving time to explore.” Scot’s said.

In the seminar, Scot also talk about passion. “ First, you should passion with yourself and do the best you can do.” Passion will drive you to enjoy the challenges as you enjoy playing game. The gamification is a method that will help you to enjoy your challenge in business and keep try and error till you get the solution same as playing game.