Written by Dr Raden Aswin Rahadi

Jakarta is still a magnet for people to pursue their dream. Hence, the rising population and demand have driven the price of houses, apartments, and townhouses, pushing customers to live in the outskirts of Jakarta, or even in other cities such as Bogor, Tangerang, or Bekasi. In collaboration with the Jakarta Property Institute (JPI), SBM ITB held a discussion titled “Mewujudkan Hunian Terjangkau di Tengah Jakarta” addressing the rising concern over the lack of residential supply in Jakarta (12/11/2019).

Five experts in the Real Estate and Property Development industry shared their thoughts and ideas. Mulya Amri, PhD from Jakarta Property Institute, Ruminah Tarmazi from BPN RI, Sapta Satria from DKI Jakarta, and Joko Adianto, PhD from Universitas Indonesia focused on the solution for this issue. 

Moderated by Dr Raden Aswin Rahadi from SBM ITB, the session was attended by participants from different backgrounds, ranging from architects, government officials, consultants, property developers, academicians, and students.

Based on the result, the panelists agreed that vertical housing is the most viable solution for Jakarta’s problem. By further collaboration and cooperation between stakeholders such as academicians, government, private sectors, and customers, the issue can be addressed and solved.

Special note for Civitas Academica that the Real Estate and Property Development topic has and will always be an interesting topic to be discussed in research. However, research on this particular topic is still rare in Indonesia. More studies will surely lead to overcoming the problematic issues.