Written by Student Reporter (Elisabeth Sirumapea - Management 2020)​

SBM ITB students, the Forbetric Team won 2nd place in the Undip Ecopreneur Business Plan 2019 Competition held by BEM FEB Undip on 31 October to 2 November 2019 in Semarang.

The theme of the competition is “Innovative Youngpreneur in Disruption Era”. “The competition is about business plans. There are 191 teams throughout Indonesia registered for the first stage with a business model canvas. In the second stage, they make a business plan proposal. From there, the 10 best teams are taken and the final session is pitching ideas”, said Aqmalia Shafira as the team leader of Forbetric.

The Forbetric Team consists of two Entrepreneurship students namely Aqmalia Shafira (Entrepreneurship 2020) and Amira Nabila (Entrepreneurship 2020). Aqmalia Shafira, known as Fire, said that they took part in the competition because they were motivated to get funding for their smart home project named Forbetric which stands for For Better Electricity. “In addition, we also want to get the experience of the race and we want to expand our network” she added.

In this competition, the Forbetric team brought the idea of ​​Smart Home that functions for Electricity Efficiency and Monitoring. “The point is we provide hardware products and applications for Scheduling, Controlling and Monitoring functions with 4 values ​​offered, namely: Reliable, Personalized, Eco Friendly, Secured,” said Fire.

Thanks to the ideas they brought, the Forbetric team finally won the 3rd place with a total prize of 10 million rupiah as funding for their ideas. “Thank God, we are happy and proud to be able to help raise the name of ITB, especially SBM ITB, and feel happy too because we can win the trust of Undip to provide funding assistance for our business projects,” said Fire, smiling when asked by ITB Reporter about how they felt after winning.

“Struggles experienced by UTS together the preparations are a bit chaotic, and from the announcement of the grand final for pitching to the D-day event, the preparation is only 1 week, so how to overcome it. We increase the practice for pitching and really give the best presentation to be considered attractive by the judges “said Fire when asked about their experiences when participating in this race.

In joining this competition, Forbetric team was also helped by the existence of applicable wirus sciences such as Technology Based Business courses, business models, financial projections, HR teams, SWOT analysis, business feasibility analysis. “Because we often do presentations for pitching to investors through wirus so it is very helpful for pitching and also communication skills,” said Fire.

In addition, the Forbetric team also participated in the Habibie Festival held on October 17-19, Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran and became one of the tenants there. This festival is the largest exhibition of innovation and technology works in Indonesia.

Fire hopes that this Forbetric business project can run according to its timeline, that they can get more funding and collaboration support, and it can be a smart home business that can create sustainable electricity in Indonesia.